Other matches played on Whitehead's Sports Ground, Newport (13)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
8th July 1937 Other matches in England 1937  Monmouthshire Colts v Glamorgan Coltsmisc531862
7th May 1938 Other matches in England 1938  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Glamorgan Club and Groundmisc531872
15th August 1948 Other matches in England 1948  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Glamorgan Club and Groundmisc545445
17th August 1950 Other matches in England 1950  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Glamorgan Club and Groundmisc545454
9th August 1953 Pakistan Eaglets in England 1953  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Pakistan Eagletsmisc304196
23rd May 1954 Other matches in England 1954  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Glamorgan Club and Groundmisc545489
20th July 1958 Pakistan Eaglets in England 1958  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Pakistan Eagletsmisc314216
19th July 1959 Pakistan Eaglets in England and Ireland 1959  Whitehead's Iron and Steel v Pakistan Eagletsmisc199630
3rd July 1968 Other matches in England 1968  Glamorgan Second XI v Wiltshire Club and Groundmisc13674
13th August 1970 Hilda Overy Trophy 1970  Glamorgan Young Cricketers v Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19smisc191428
22nd June 1973 Other matches in England 1973  Welsh Schools v Marylebone Cricket Clubmisc117103
22nd May 1974 Other matches in England 1974  Glamorgan Second XI v Somerset Second XImisc12912
3rd August 1976 Hilda Overy Trophy 1976  Glamorgan Young Cricketers v Gloucestershire Young Cricketersmisc191925





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