Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

413-5India v Bermuda2006/07a18110
338-7Zimbabwe v Bermuda2006a17440
321-6Sri Lanka v Bermuda2006/07a18088
318-4Sri Lanka v Bangladesh2006/07a18118
315-4West Indies v Pakistan1987/88a5584
311-7India v West Indies2013a22712
310-5India v West Indies2017a25675
302-5West Indies v England1997/98a11091
301-3Guyana v Ireland2013/14a23235
290-5West Indies v Australia2002/03a15131
286-5Australia v West Indies2002/03a15124
283-7West Indies v Sri Lanka1996/97a10548
282-5West Indies v Australia1994/95a9133
282-5Jamaica v Windward Islands2013/14a23233
272-3West Indies v Pakistan1987/88a5588
271-6Pakistan v West Indies1987/88a5588
270-7Trinidad and Tobago v Barbados2015/16a24602
269-7Trinidad and Tobago v Leeward Islands1995/96a9477
269-8Barbados v Trinidad and Tobago2013/14a23239
268-8Windward Islands v Jamaica2013/14a23233
266-5Jamaica v Trinidad and Tobago1993/94a8510
266-8West Indies v Zimbabwe2006a17437
265-7West Indies v England1993/94a8563
265Pakistan v West Indies1987/88a5584
264-8Trinidad and Tobago v Barbados2012/13a22573
263-6West Indies v Zimbabwe2006a17428
261-3Pakistan v West Indies1992/93a8005
261-9India v West Indies A1994/95a9200
260-8Australia v West Indies1994/95a9132
260India v West Indies2001/02a14320
259-4West Indies v Pakistan1992/93a8005
259-7Zimbabwe v Bermuda2006a17442
259-9Trinidad and Tobago v Guyana2015/16a24588
255-6West Indies v India2006a17455
255-9South Africa v West Indies2010a20607
254-6Sri Lanka v India2006/07a18128
252-6West Indies v South Africa2010a20607
252Barbados v Trinidad and Tobago2013/14a23249
251-9Australia v West Indies2002/03a15131
251Sri Lanka v West Indies1995/96a9786
250-9West Indies v England1993/94a8565





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