First-Class Matches played on Gilbert Park, California (14)

10th April 1971 Beaumont Cup 1970/71 Semi-FinalCentral Trinidad v North Trinidadf28631
1st April 1972 Texaco Cup 1971/72 Semi-FinalCentral Trinidad v East Trinidadf29104
19th January 1973 Texaco Cup 1972/73 Semi-FinalCentral Trinidad v East Trinidadf29489
16th February 1973 Texaco Cup 1972/73 FinalEast Trinidad v South Trinidadf29528
12th April 1974 Texaco Cup 1973/74 FinalCentral Trinidad v North Trinidadf30063
31st January 1975 Texaco Cup 1974/75 Semi-FinalCentral Trinidad v East Trinidadf30479
9th January 1976 Texaco Cup 1975/76  Central Trinidad v South Trinidadf30939
30th April 1976 Texaco Cup 1975/76  Central Trinidad v North Trinidadf31050
4th February 1977 Texaco Cup 1976/77  Central Trinidad v East Trinidadf31454
11th February 1977 Beaumont Cup 1976/77  South and Central Trinidad v North and East Trinidadf31473
27th January 1978 Texaco Cup 1977/78  Central Trinidad v East Trinidadf31922
24th November 1978 Texaco Cup 1978/79  Central Trinidad v Tobagof32304
1st December 1978 Texaco Cup 1978/79  Central Trinidad v North Trinidadf32320
19th January 1979 Texaco Cup 1978/79  Central Trinidad v East Trinidadf32415





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