Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah - Four Wickets in an Innings in ODI cricket

7-30M MuralitharanSri Lanka v India2000/01o1650
7-37Aaqib JavedPakistan v India1991/92o685
6-14Imran KhanPakistan v India1984/85o321
6-18Azhar MahmoodPakistan v West Indies1999/00o1517
6-26Waqar YounisPakistan v Sri Lanka1989/90o627
6-44Waqar YounisPakistan v New Zealand1996/97o1144
5-1CA WalshWest Indies v Sri Lanka1986/87o405
5-6LM JongweZimbabwe v Afghanistan2015/16o3719
5-9M MuralitharanSri Lanka v New Zealand2001/02o1826
5-14WPUJC VaasSri Lanka v India2000/01o1652
5-19Aaqib JavedPakistan v India1994/95o995
5-20Waqar YounisPakistan v New Zealand1989/90o629
5-20AG CremerZimbabwe v Afghanistan2015/16o3713
5-26SK SharmaIndia v West Indies1988/89o523
5-28Azhar MahmoodPakistan v Sri Lanka1999/00o1519
5-31Abdul RazzaqPakistan v Sri Lanka1999/00o1514
5-31Waqar YounisPakistan v India1999/00o1580
5-32RJ RatnayakeSri Lanka v Pakistan1990/91o655
5-34DK MorrisonNew Zealand v Sri Lanka1996/97o1142
5-35Shahid AfridiPakistan v Sri Lanka2011/12o3215
5-36Shahid AfridiPakistan v Afghanistan2011/12o3236
5-38Wasim AkramPakistan v West Indies1989/90o570
5-42MA StarcAustralia v Pakistan2012o3298
5-47L KlusenerSouth Africa v Pakistan1999/00o1579
5-53CEL AmbroseWest Indies v Pakistan1991/92o682
5-67TCB FernandoSri Lanka v Zimbabwe2001/02o1765
4-9Abdul QadirPakistan v New Zealand1985/86o384
4-17Saqlain MushtaqPakistan v New Zealand2000/01o1709
4-17Hamza HotakAfghanistan v Zimbabwe2015/16o3713
4-18HH StreakZimbabwe v Pakistan1996/97o1196
4-19CH GayleWest Indies v Pakistan2001/02o1810
4-19Hamid HassanAfghanistan v Kenya2013/14o3417
4-22Maninder SinghIndia v Pakistan1986/87o406
4-22Aamer SohailPakistan v Sri Lanka1995/96o1007
4-22WPUJC VaasSri Lanka v New Zealand1996/97o1139
4-23N GiffordEngland v Pakistan1984/85o323
4-23M MuralitharanSri Lanka v Bangladesh1994/95o994
4-24Wasim AkramPakistan v Sri Lanka1992/93o797
4-24Wasim AkramPakistan v Sri Lanka1992/93o799
4-25CA WalshWest Indies v India1989/90o569
4-25M PrabhakarIndia v Pakistan1991/92o680
4-25Mohammad SamiPakistan v Kenya2002/03o1999
4-25CJ ChibhabhaZimbabwe v Afghanistan2015/16o3720
4-26Saqlain MushtaqPakistan v England1997/98o1263
4-27Imran KhanPakistan v India1986/87o447
4-27Mushtaq AhmedPakistan v Zimbabwe1996/97o1196
4-28DW FlemingAustralia v New Zealand1997/98o1320
4-29CEL AmbroseWest Indies v Pakistan1988/89o527
4-30M PrabhakarIndia v West Indies1991/92o681
4-30MA EalhamEngland v Pakistan1998/99o1434
4-30SB StyrisNew Zealand v Pakistan2001/02o1828
4-30Saeed AjmalPakistan v South Africa2013/14o3425
4-31CA WalshWest Indies v Pakistan1986/87o402
4-31M HaywardSouth Africa v India1999/00o1581
4-31Samiullah ShenwariAfghanistan v Canada2009/10o2956
4-31Gulbadeen NaibAfghanistan v Scotland2012/13o3341
4-32PA StrangZimbabwe v Sri Lanka1998/99o1372
4-32PW BorrenNetherlands v Afghanistan2011/12o3270
4-34SR TendulkarIndia v West Indies1991/92o683
4-34SK WarneAustralia v New Zealand1993/94o907
4-35OD GibsonWest Indies v Sri Lanka1995/96o1012
4-35AB AgarkarIndia v New Zealand1997/98o1318
4-36Saiful IslamBangladesh v Sri Lanka1994/95o994
4-37CL HooperWest Indies v India1997/98o1264
4-37Shoaib AkhtarPakistan v England1998/99o1434
4-38DJ NashNew Zealand v India1997/98o1318
4-38Izatullah DawlatzaiAfghanistan v Netherlands2011/12o3271
4-39Waqar YounisPakistan v West Indies1991/92o682
4-39DW FlemingAustralia v New Zealand1993/94o907
4-39Khurram ChauhanCanada v Afghanistan2009/10o2956
4-40Wasim AkramPakistan v West Indies1993/94o842
4-40SR WaughAustralia v India1997/98o1321
4-40CR WoakesEngland v Pakistan2015/16o3710
4-42Waqar YounisPakistan v India1989/90o625
4-42Wasim AkramPakistan v Sri Lanka1996/97o1140
4-42Z KhanIndia v Zimbabwe2000/01o1648
4-42Mohammad NawazPakistan v West Indies2016/17o3784
4-43ND HirwaniIndia v New Zealand1987/88o513
4-43Khurram ChauhanCanada v Afghanistan2009/10o2958
4-44Mohammad SamiPakistan v West Indies2001/02o1808
4-45MV FlemingEngland v India1997/98o1259
4-45MJ HenryNew Zealand v Pakistan2014/15o3566
4-46ND HirwaniIndia v New Zealand1987/88o517
4-46HK OlongaZimbabwe v India1998/99o1373
4-47Saqlain MushtaqPakistan v West Indies1995/96o1008
4-47Mushtaq AhmedPakistan v India1995/96o1094
4-47MA StarcAustralia v Afghanistan2012o3297
4-48Waqar YounisPakistan v West Indies1991/92o679
4-49Waqar YounisPakistan v Sri Lanka2000/01o1703
4-50ND HirwaniIndia v West Indies1988/89o523
4-50A KumbleIndia v West Indies1991/92o681
4-50Manzoor AkhtarPakistan v England1997/98o1263
4-51MA StarcAustralia v Pakistan2012o3303
4-55TJ FriendZimbabwe v India2000/01o1643
4-59HH StreakZimbabwe v Sri Lanka2001/02o1769
4-62Waqar YounisPakistan v South Africa1999/00o1583





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