Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah - Centuries in List A matches

189  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v India2000/01a13037
169  BC LaraWest Indies v Sri Lanka1995/96a9439
153  BC LaraWest Indies v Pakistan1993/94a8312
143  SR TendulkarIndia v Australia1997/98a11111
140*Mohammad HafeezPakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23144
137*Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v New Zealand1993/94a8601
137  Ijaz AhmedPakistan v England1998/99a11808
134  Aamer SohailPakistan v New Zealand1993/94a8601
134  PA de SilvaSri Lanka v Pakistan1996/97a10421
134  SR TendulkarIndia v Australia1997/98a11113
133  KJ CoetzerScotland v Afghanistan2012/13a22494
131  Saeed AnwarPakistan v West Indies1993/94a8303
131*Mohammad ShahzadAfghanistan v Zimbabwe2015/16a24481
129  Mohammad YousufPakistan v Sri Lanka2001/02a14235
128  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v India2000/01a13021
127*Basit AliPakistan v West Indies1993/94a8312
124*SR TendulkarIndia v Zimbabwe1998/99a11498
123  Babar AzamPakistan v West Indies2016/17a24913
122  RB RichardsonWest Indies v Pakistan1991/92a7259
122  Mohammad HafeezPakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23137
121*Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v India1999/00a12584
120*A FlowerZimbabwe v Sri Lanka2000/01a13007
120  Babar AzamPakistan v West Indies2016/17a24907
118  SR TendulkarIndia v Pakistan1995/96a9788
118*SR TendulkarIndia v Zimbabwe1998/99a11487
118*MS SinclairNew Zealand v Sri Lanka2000/01a13363
118*Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v Sri Lanka2001/02a13779
118  Mohammad ShahzadAfghanistan v Canada2009/10a20428
117*DM JonesAustralia v Sri Lanka1989/90a6511
117*AP GurusinhaSri Lanka v New Zealand1993/94a8599
117  MS SinclairNew Zealand v Pakistan2000/01a13352
116*Javed MiandadPakistan v India1985/86a4792
116  AJ StewartEngland v India1997/98a10861
116  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v New Zealand2000/01a13350
115*G KirstenSouth Africa v India1995/96a9791
115*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Pakistan2013/14a23006
114  Noor Ali ZadranAfghanistan v Canada2009/10a20428
113*Asif MujtabaPakistan v Sri Lanka1993/94a8301
113  Naved LatifPakistan v Sri Lanka2001/02a13779
113  Ahmed ShehzadPakistan v New Zealand2014/15a23814
112  K SrikkanthIndia v West Indies1988/89a5816
112*SR TendulkarIndia v Sri Lanka1994/95a9166
112*Saeed AnwarPakistan v Sri Lanka1996/97a10178
112*CL HooperWest Indies v Pakistan2001/02a14076
112*Nawroz MangalAfghanistan v Scotland2012/13a22486
111  Saeed AnwarPakistan v Sri Lanka1993/94a8304
111*Shoaib MohammadPakistan A v United Arab Emirates1995/96a9513
111*Shoaib MalikPakistan v West Indies2001/02a14072
110  Saeed AnwarPakistan v Sri Lanka1992/93a7932
110*DJ CullinanSouth Africa v Pakistan1995/96a9785
110  H MasakadzaZimbabwe v Afghanistan2015/16a24497
109  RB RichardsonWest Indies v Sri Lanka1986/87a5077
109*Rameez RajaPakistan v Sri Lanka1992/93a7932
108  NS SidhuIndia v Pakistan1989/90a6251
108  M AzharuddinIndia v Sri Lanka1989/90a6489
108*Shahid AfridiPakistan v New Zealand2001/02a14234
107  Saeed AnwarPakistan v Sri Lanka1993/94a8301
107  Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v India1998/99a11821
107  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v New Zealand2000/01a13350
106*RB RichardsonWest Indies v Pakistan1991/92a7248
106  G KirstenSouth Africa v India1995/96a9787
105  Aamer SohailPakistan v India1995/96a9784
105*SC WilliamsWest Indies v India1997/98a10871
105  SC GangulyIndia v New Zealand1997/98a11099
105*ADR CampbellZimbabwe v India2000/01a13019
104*Rameez RajaPakistan v West Indies1995/96a9431
104*Saeed AnwarPakistan v New Zealand1996/97a10172
104  Saeed AnwarPakistan v India1997/98a10868
103*KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Kenya2002/03a15053
102*M AmarnathIndia v New Zealand1987/88a5593
102*CG GreenidgeWest Indies v Pakistan1988/89a5818
102  Saleem MalikPakistan v India1989/90a6261
102*VVS LaxmanIndia A v United Arab Emirates1995/96a9523
102*MS AtapattuSri Lanka v India2000/01a13021
101  Saleem MalikPakistan v India1988/89a5819
101  RS MahanamaSri Lanka v West Indies1995/96a9428
101  NS SidhuIndia v Pakistan1995/96a9788
101*MG BevanAustralia v India1997/98a11111
101  SR TendulkarIndia v Sri Lanka2000/01a13004
101  SPD SmithAustralia v Pakistan2014/15a23546
100*Saleem MalikPakistan v Sri Lanka1988/89a5984
100  HP TillakaratneSri Lanka v West Indies1995/96a9439
100*CL HooperWest Indies v England1997/98a10865
100*KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Pakistan2002/03a15050
100  DA MarillierZimbabwe v Kenya2002/03a15051
100  Karim SadiqAfghanistan v Netherlands2011/12a21947





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