Galle International Stadium, Galle - Centuries in Test cricket

333  CH GayleWest Indies v Sri Lanka2010/11t1977
237  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v South Africa2004t1709
221  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Pakistan2014t2133
213*DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v England2007/08t1854
201*MS AtapattuSri Lanka v England2000/01t1530
201*V SehwagIndia v Sri Lanka2008t1884
200  Mushfiqur RahimBangladesh v Sri Lanka2012/13t2078
199*KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Pakistan2012t2046
190  Mohammad AshrafulBangladesh v Sri Lanka2012/13t2078
186  FDM KarunaratneSri Lanka v West Indies2015/16t2181
180  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v England2011/12t2038
178  BC LaraWest Indies v Sri Lanka2001/02t1567
177  Younis KhanPakistan v Sri Lanka2014t2133
167  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v New Zealand1998t1416
167  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v South Africa2000t1504
162*LD ChandimalSri Lanka v India2015t2176
159  TT SamaraweeraSri Lanka v New Zealand2009t1930
155*HDRL ThirimanneSri Lanka v Bangladesh2012/13t2078
151  LD ChandimalSri Lanka v West Indies2015/16t2181
148  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v South Africa2000t1504
142  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Bangladesh2012/13t2078
140  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v West Indies2001/02t1567
134  S DhawanIndia v Sri Lanka2015t2176
131  Asad ShafiqPakistan v Sri Lanka2015t2167
130  ML HaydenAustralia v Sri Lanka2003/04t1685
129  DS LehmannAustralia v Sri Lanka2003/04t1685
126  TM DilshanSri Lanka v Bangladesh2012/13t2078
125  JK SilvaSri Lanka v Pakistan2015t2167
123  Saeed AnwarPakistan v Sri Lanka2000t1501
123*TM DilshanSri Lanka v New Zealand2009t1930
122  ME TrescothickEngland v Sri Lanka2000/01t1530
118  AN CookEngland v Sri Lanka2007/08t1854
116  Younis KhanPakistan v Sri Lanka2000t1501
116*LD ChandimalSri Lanka v Bangladesh2012/13t2078
114*DJ CullinanSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2000t1504
114  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v New Zealand2009t1930
112  Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v Sri Lanka2000t1501
112  Mohammad YousufPakistan v Sri Lanka2009t1921
112  IJL TrottEngland v Sri Lanka2011/12t2038
111  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v India2001t1555
111  NT ParanavitanaSri Lanka v India2010t1964
110  DR MartynAustralia v Sri Lanka2003/04t1685
109  V SehwagIndia v Sri Lanka2010t1964
106  PA de SilvaSri Lanka v England2000/01t1530
105*KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v India2001t1555
105*HP TillakaratneSri Lanka v West Indies2001/02t1567
105  DPMD JayawardeneSri Lanka v Australia2011t2005
105  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v Bangladesh2012/13t2078
104  TM DilshanSri Lanka v Australia2003/04t1685
103  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v India2010t1964
103  D ElgarSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2014t2129
103  V KohliIndia v Sri Lanka2015t2176
102  JA RudolphSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2004t1709
101  TM DilshanSri Lanka v Pakistan2012t2046
100  Wasim AkramPakistan v Sri Lanka2000t1501
100*MS AtapattuSri Lanka v Zimbabwe2001/02t1585
100  Nasir HossainBangladesh v Sri Lanka2012/13t2078
100*JP DuminySouth Africa v Sri Lanka2014t2129





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