Police Park Ground, Colombo - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

388-3South Africa A v Sri Lanka Under-23s2005/06a16850
300-8Sri Lanka Army Sports Club v Police Sports Club2006/07a17766
271-9Lankan Cricket Club v Police Sports Club2007/08a18507
265-6Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club v Police Sports Club2004/05a16067
263-9Police Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club2008/09a19341
261-8Police Sports Club v Lankan Cricket Club2006/07a17790
261New Zealand A v Sri Lanka Under-23s2005/06a16843
258-9Burgher Recreation Club v Police Sports Club2017/18a26320
253-9Sri Lanka Under-23s v New Zealand A2005/06a16843
252-9Police Sports Club v Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club2009/10a19947
251-8Australians v Sri Lanka Colts XI1996a10008
250-8Police Sports Club v Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club2011/12a21643





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