New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Centuries in Test cricket

214  GS BlewettAustralia v South Africa1996/97t1356
204*AC GilchristAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1590
202  BC LaraWest Indies v South Africa2003/04t1674
186  JH KallisSouth Africa v New Zealand2007/08t1846
185*MA AthertonEngland v South Africa1995/96t1315
182  DT LindsaySouth Africa v Australia1966/67t611
180  ME TrescothickEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
176*HM AmlaSouth Africa v New Zealand2007/08t1846
172  ER DexterEngland v South Africa1964/65t572
161  HH GibbsSouth Africa v England2004/05t1734
160  SR WaughAustralia v South Africa1996/97t1356
158  JH KallisSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1674
155  JP DuminySouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2247
153  CA PujaraIndia v South Africa2013/14t2108
148  RS DravidIndia v South Africa1996/97t1350
147  AJ StraussEngland v South Africa2004/05t1734
144*KC BlandSouth Africa v England1964/65t572
142  JR ReidNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t523
136  Azhar MahmoodPakistan v South Africa1997/98t1400
134  F du PlessisSouth Africa v India2013/14t2108
134  HM AmlaSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2247
133  DR MartynAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1590
132  GC SmithSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1674
131  DT LindsaySouth Africa v Australia1966/67t616
122  R BenaudAustralia v South Africa1957/58t444
122*PH ParfittEngland v South Africa1964/65t575
122  WJ CronjeSouth Africa v Australia1993/94t1252
122*DJ CullinanSouth Africa v India1996/97t1350
122  ML HaydenAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1590
121  KF BarringtonEngland v South Africa1964/65t572
120  DJ McGlewSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t523
119  V KohliIndia v South Africa2013/14t2108
117  PE RichardsonEngland v South Africa1956/57t434
117  MJ NorthAustralia v South Africa2008/09t1910
115  JHB WaiteSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t444
113  BM McMillanSouth Africa v Pakistan1994/95t1283
112  TL GoddardSouth Africa v England1964/65t575
111  SR TendulkarIndia v South Africa1992/93t1201
110  EJ BarlowSouth Africa v Australia1969/70t672
110  G KirstenSouth Africa v England1995/96t1315
110  JE RootEngland v South Africa2015/16t2199
108  DJ McGlewSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t444
108  PL SymcoxSouth Africa v Pakistan1997/98t1400
108  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v England1999/00t1471
105  GC SmithSouth Africa v England2009/10t1948
105  HM AmlaSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2018
104*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1910
103*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13t2072
103  AB de VilliersSouth Africa v India2013/14t2108
101  JHB WaiteSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t517
101  DR MartynAustralia v South Africa2005/06t1795
100  R BenaudAustralia v South Africa1957/58t449
100*BM McMillanSouth Africa v England1995/96t1315
100  HH DippenaarSouth Africa v New Zealand2000/01t1522





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