New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Centuries in List A matches

186  EJ BarlowEJ Barlow's XI v RG Pollock's XI1969/70a291
175  HH GibbsSouth Africa v Australia2005/06a17322
169  RG PollockRG Pollock's XI v EJ Barlow's XI1969/70a291
164  RT PontingAustralia v South Africa2005/06a17322
152*CH GayleWest Indies v South Africa2003/04a15703
143*A SymondsAustralia v Pakistan2002/03a14912
143  HH GibbsSouth Africa v New Zealand2002/03a14926
140*RT PontingAustralia v India2002/03a15040
139  JH KallisSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04a15703
137  AM BacherTransvaal v Free State1996/97a10093
136  AI KallicharranTransvaal v Eastern Province1982/83a3502
136  KJ BarnettEngland XI v South Africa1989/90a6431
135  Q de KockSouth Africa v India2013/14a23085
134*SP FlemingNew Zealand v South Africa2002/03a14926
133*G KirstenSouth Africa v India2001/02a13739
132*RG PollockSouth African XI v Australians1966/67a84
129*HR FotheringhamTransvaal v Orange Free State1988/89a5835
128  MN van WykEagles v Lions2007/08a18703
128  AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13a22539
127  SC GangulyIndia v South Africa2001/02a13739
127*DJ CullinanGauteng v Free State2001/02a14039
126  SJ CookTransvaal v Orange Free State1987/88a5477
125*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12a21704
125  GC SmithSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12a21704
124  JM OttoGauteng v Northerns2004/05a16181
123*M YachadSouth Africa v West Indies XI1983/84a3894
123*NH FairbrotherTransvaal v Eastern Province1994/95a9099
122*KC WesselsEastern Province v Transvaal1992/93a8012
122*AG PuttickCape Cobras v Lions2009/10a20110
122  HM AmlaSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13a22539
120  RG PollockTransvaal v Western Province1981/82a3254
120  SJ CookSouth Africa v Arosa Sri Lanka1982/83a3487
119  MJR RindelNorthern Transvaal v Transvaal1996/97a10131
119*DJ VilasGauteng v South Western Districts2007/08a18844
118*SC CookGauteng v Namibia2010/11a21248
117*PJ MalanNortherns v Gauteng2010/11a21207
116  SJ CookTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1987/88a5493
116  CG WilliamsNamibia v Gauteng2010/11a21248
115*HR FotheringhamTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1983/84a3848
115  Q de KockLions v Titans2012/13a22201
114  DN CrookesGauteng v North West1997/98a10762
114*MN van WykFree State v Gauteng2001/02a14039
113*SJ CookTransvaal v Western Province1979/80a2598
112  SB SmithTransvaal v Natal1989/90a6457
112  WJ CronjeSouth Africa v Australia1993/94a8552
112  AM BacherGauteng v Free State1999/00a12447
111*DJ CullinanTransvaal v Impalas1993/94a8288
111  ML BruynsNatal v Gauteng1997/98a10873
110  AM BacherTransvaal v Border1994/95a9131
110  RE LeviCape Cobras v Lions2011/12a21577
109  RG PollockTransvaal v Natal1978/79a2329
109  KA McKenzieTransvaal v Eastern Province1983/84a3913
109  SG KoenigGauteng v Border2000/01a12980
109  JM OttoGauteng v Namibia2002/03a14833
108  SJ CookTransvaal v Eastern Province1980/81a2881
108  HR FotheringhamTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1986/87a5161
108  WJ CronjeOrange Free State v Transvaal1991/92a7322
108*TN LazardWestern Province v Eastern Province1991/92a7477
108  M van JaarsveldSouth Africa A v Australia A2002/03a14539
108  JD VandiarLions v Eagles2009/10a20239
108*ND McKenzieLions v Titans2011/12a21615
108*SC CookLions v Dolphins2012/13a22181
107  AI KallicharranTransvaal v Western Province1983/84a3965
107*AP KuiperWestern Province v Eastern Province1991/92a7477
107  SD JackTransvaal v New Zealanders1994/95a8940
107*DJ CallaghanEastern Province v Gauteng1999/00a12538
107  HG de KockFree State v Gauteng2005/06a17137
106  M YachadTransvaal v Orange Free State1987/88a5477
106  MJR RindelSouth Africa v Pakistan1994/95a9051
106*ND McKenzieTransvaal v Griqualand West1996/97a10106
105  HH GibbsWestern Province v Gauteng2000/01a13187
105*RT BaileyEagles v Lions2009/10a20239
104*DJ CullinanTransvaal v Western Province1991/92a7461
104  DJ WatsonDolphins v Lions2004/05a16267
104  JP DuminyCape Cobras v Lions2009/10a20110
103*SJ CookTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1982/83a3598
103*HR FotheringhamTransvaal v Western Province1984/85a4302
103  KC WesselsEastern Province v Western Province1991/92a7477
103  CEB RiceNatal v Transvaal1993/94a8397
103*WJ SmitFree State v Gauteng1999/00a12447
103  R CameronGauteng v North West2009/10a20304
102*BF DavisonRhodesia v Eastern Province1977/78a2099
102  RF PienaarNorthern Transvaal v Transvaal1985/86a4683
102*KS McEwanWestern Province v Northern Transvaal1985/86a4776
102*DJ CullinanGauteng v North West2001/02a13998
102  SC CookGauteng v Boland2003/04a15442
102  HH GibbsSouth Africa v West Indies2007/08a18691
102  KC SangakkaraSri Lanka v South Africa2011/12a21704
102  F BehardienTitans v Lions2012/13a22201
101  N PothasTransvaal v Eastern Province1995/96a9751
101  SR TendulkarIndia v South Africa2001/02a13739
101  ND McKenzieLions v Western Province Boland2004/05a16262
101  ND McKenzieLions v Cape Cobras2011/12a21577
100  BF BathA Bacher's XI v JT Botten's XI1969/70a286
100*MS VenterTransvaal v Eastern Province1983/84a3913
100  RG PollockTransvaal v Western Province1986/87a5151
100  GC VictorEastern Province v Transvaal1994/95a9099
100  KR RutherfordTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1996/97a10131
100  AG PuttickCape Cobras v Lions2011/12a21577





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