Test Matches played on Centurion Park, Centurion (20)

(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
16th November 1995 England in South Africa 1995/96 1st TestSouth Africa v Englandt1312
21st March 1997 Australia in South Africa 1996/97 3rd TestSouth Africa v Australiat1362
27th March 1998 Sri Lanka in South Africa 1997/98 2nd TestSouth Africa v Sri Lankat1414
15th January 1999 West Indies in South Africa 1998/99 5th TestSouth Africa v West Indiest1441
14th January 2000 England in South Africa and Zimbabwe 1999/00 5th TestSouth Africa v Englandt1483
20th January 2001 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2000/01 3rd TestSouth Africa v Sri Lankat1529
15th November 2002 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2002/03 2nd TestSouth Africa v Sri Lankat1626
16th January 2004 West Indies in South Africa and Zimbabwe 2003/04 4th TestSouth Africa v West Indiest1682
21st January 2005 England in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe 2004/05 5th TestSouth Africa v Englandt1736
11th March 2005 Zimbabwe in South Africa 2004/05 2nd TestSouth Africa v Zimbabwet1740
15th April 2006 New Zealand in South Africa 2005/06 1st TestSouth Africa v New Zealandt1798
11th January 2007 Pakistan in South Africa 2006/07 1st TestSouth Africa v Pakistant1828
16th November 2007 New Zealand in South Africa 2007/08 2nd TestSouth Africa v New Zealandt1848
26th November 2008 Bangladesh in South Africa 2008/09 2nd TestSouth Africa v Bangladesht1895
16th December 2009 England in South Africa 2009/10 1st TestSouth Africa v Englandt1942
16th December 2010 India in South Africa 2010/11 1st TestSouth Africa v Indiat1985
15th December 2011 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2011/12 1st TestSouth Africa v Sri Lankat2023
22nd February 2013 Pakistan in South Africa 2012/13 3rd TestSouth Africa v Pakistant2075
12th February 2014 Australia in South Africa 2013/14 1st TestSouth Africa v Australiat2119
17th December 2014 West Indies in South Africa 2014/15 1st TestSouth Africa v West Indiest2150
22nd January 2016 England in South Africa 2015/16 4th TestSouth Africa v Englandt2200





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