Newlands, Cape Town - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-59ST JefferiesWestern Province v Orange Free State1987/88f37290
9-23WP HowellAustralians v Western Province1902/03f6004
9-37CJ AugustBoland v Western Province2009/10f52357
9-52MH BowditchWestern Province v Natal1965/66f26129
9-64DL HobsonWestern Province v Eastern Province1978/79f32303
9-122GG HallSouth African Universities v Western Province1960/61f23515
8-11J BriggsEngland v South Africa1888/89f3350
8-31WP HowellAustralians v Western Province1902/03f6004
8-34S HaighLord Hawke's XI v Cape Colony1898/99f5042
8-34AJ BellWestern Province v Eastern Province1929/30f12946
8-36BN SchultzWestern Province v West Indies A1997/98f43387
8-40JH SinclairTransvaal v Western Province1897/98f4850
8-42GB LawrenceRhodesia v Western Province1965/66f26094
8-45KJ AbbottDolphins v Cape Cobras2012/13f54512
8-48CB van RyneveldWestern Province v Orange Free State1954/55f20724
8-50JE WaddingtonGriqualand West v Western Province1939/40f16742
8-55MA HanleyWestern Province v Rhodesia1946/47f17365
8-59NBF MannEastern Province v Western Province1947/48f17785
8-76DLC McCayWestern Province v Natal B1966/67f26637
8-96JB RobertsonWestern Province v Australians1935/36f15203
8-113AJ KourieTransvaal v Western Province1980/81f33454
8-129HJ TayfieldNatal v Western Province1954/55f20743
7-17J BriggsEngland v South Africa1888/89f3350
7-18JJ KotzeWestern Province v Eastern Province1904/05f6517
7-22RJ CrispSouth v North1932/33f14116
7-22O HenryWestern Province v South African Universities1981/82f33873
7-26GJ ThompsonMarylebone Cricket Club v Western Province1909/10f7871
7-27JBR MaileWestern Province v Border1959/60f23019
7-29CE EksteenTransvaal v Western Province1993/94f40874
7-32GE SteynWestern Province v Border1957/58f22066
7-33GA KempisNatal v Western Province1889/90f3446
7-36JH WardleEngland v South Africa1956/57f21603
7-37JJ FerrisEngland v South Africa1891/92f3702
7-38K FarnesMarylebone Cricket Club v Western Province1938/39f16372
7-39GA FaulknerTransvaal v Eastern Province1908/09f7615
7-40EJ BarlowWestern Province v Border1968/69f27572
7-41NHCD TheunissenCape Town Clubs v Natal1889/90f3448
7-41VG VealWestern Province v Griqualand West1926/27f11814
7-41HJ TayfieldNatal v Western Province1951/52f19450
7-42GA LohmannEngland v South Africa1895/96f4394
7-42XC BalaskasGriqualand West v Western Province1930/31f13344
7-43RJ CrispWestern Province v Natal1932/33f14107
7-43RK KleinveldtCape Cobras v Eagles2008/09f51468
7-45MA HanleyWestern Province v North Eastern Transvaal1946/47f17393
7-45VAP van der BijlNatal v Western Province1973/74f30006
7-46C BlytheEngland v South Africa1909/10f7908
7-50LG RobinsonNatal v Griqualand West1893/94f3992
7-51WD ParnellCape Cobras v Dolphins2015/16f57060
7-52DL HobsonWestern Province v Natal1975/76f31014
7-53EJ BarlowWestern Province v Rhodesia1972/73f29431
7-54RF DelportWestern Province v Rhodesia1950/51f18997
7-54AC ThomasTitans v Cape Cobras2005/06f48889
7-57GA ChevalierWestern Province v Transvaal1970/71f28510
7-58JH SinclairTransvaal v Griqualand West1897/98f4848
7-58JG WhiteheadWestern Province v Natal1907/08f7340
7-60HD BromfieldWestern Province v Transvaal1960/61f23572
7-60MW PringleWestern Province v Natal1989/90f38499
7-61DL HobsonWestern Province v Natal1975/76f31014
7-61F de WetLions v Cape Cobras2005/06f49297
7-61VD PhilanderCape Cobras v Knights2011/12f53781
7-63AE HallSouth Africa v England1922/23f10431
7-64J MiddletonWestern Province v Transvaal1897/98f4850
7-69PR AdamsWestern Province v Griqualand West1997/98f43560
7-70EA BudgenWestern Province v Australian Imperial Forces1919/20f9518
7-70L KlusenerKwaZulu-Natal v Western Province2003/04f47907
7-71AW LampardAustralian Imperial Forces v Western Province1919/20f9518
7-71LO Fleetwood-SmithAustralians v Western Province1935/36f15203
7-72JR LiddleWestern Province v Transvaal1955/56f21142
7-73AE HallTransvaal v Western Province1921/22f10123
7-73JW GleesonEastern Province v Western Province1974/75f30370
7-75LB WilliamsWestern Province v Boland2015/16f56677
7-78JW HearneMarylebone Cricket Club v Western Province1913/14f9047
7-78PNF MansellRhodesia v Western Province1950/51f18997
7-79AJ KourieTransvaal v Western Province1982/83f34431
7-85J MiddletonWestern Province v Lord Hawke's XI1895/96f4393
7-92DL PiedtCape Cobras v Titans2010/11f53087
7-95WH AshleySouth Africa v England1888/89f3350
7-99DL HobsonWestern Province v Rhodesia1976/77f31399
7-105ST JefferiesWestern Province v Transvaal1983/84f35107
7-106LA MarkhamNatal v Western Province1947/48f17795
7-108VI SmithNatal v Western Province1952/53f19877
7-108GA ChevalierThe Rest v Transvaal XI1970/71f28628
7-116GT LoveBorder v Western Province2000/01f45747
7-120Harbhajan SinghIndia v South Africa2010/11f52888
7-129DL HobsonWestern Province v West Indies XI1983/84f34912
7-148HD BromfieldWestern Province v Natal1963/64f25111





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