Test Matches played on National Stadium, Karachi (41)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
26th February 1955 India in Pakistan 1954/55 5th TestPakistan v Indiat400
13th October 1955 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1955/56 1st TestPakistan v New Zealandt413
11th October 1956 Australia in India and Pakistan 1956/57 Only TestPakistan v Australiat430
20th February 1959 West Indies in India and Pakistan 1958/59 1st TestPakistan v West Indiest469
4th December 1959 Australia in India and Pakistan 1959/60 3rd TestPakistan v Australiat481
2nd February 1962 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1961/62 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt522
24th October 1964 Australia in India and Pakistan 1964/65 Only TestPakistan v Australiat569
9th April 1965 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1964/65 3rd TestPakistan v New Zealandt587
6th March 1969 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ceylon and Pakistan 1968/69 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt650
24th October 1969 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1969/70 1st TestPakistan v New Zealandt662
24th March 1973 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1972/73 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt719
1st March 1975 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1974/75 2nd TestPakistan v West Indiest759
30th October 1976 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1976/77 3rd TestPakistan v New Zealandt784
18th January 1978 England in New Zealand and Pakistan 1977/78 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt815
14th November 1978 India in Pakistan 1978/79 3rd TestPakistan v Indiat833
27th February 1980 Australia in Pakistan 1979/80 1st TestPakistan v Australiat876
22nd December 1980 West Indies in Pakistan 1980/81 3rd TestPakistan v West Indiest890
5th March 1982 Sri Lanka in Pakistan 1981/82 1st TestPakistan v Sri Lankat923
22nd September 1982 Australia in Pakistan 1982/83 1st TestPakistan v Australiat935
23rd December 1982 India in Pakistan 1982/83 2nd TestPakistan v Indiat942
30th January 1983 India in Pakistan 1982/83 6th TestPakistan v Indiat948
2nd March 1984 England in New Zealand and Pakistan 1983/84 1st TestPakistan v Englandt978
4th November 1984 India in Pakistan 1984/85 3rd TestPakistan v Indiat996a
10th December 1984 New Zealand in Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1984/85 3rd TestPakistan v New Zealandt1003
7th November 1985 Sri Lanka in Pakistan 1985/86 3rd TestPakistan v Sri Lankat1028
20th November 1986 West Indies in Pakistan 1986/87 3rd TestPakistan v West Indiest1058
16th December 1987 England in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan 1987/88 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt1086
15th September 1988 Australia in Pakistan 1988/89 1st TestPakistan v Australiat1104
15th November 1989 India in Pakistan 1989/90 1st TestPakistan v Indiat1127
10th October 1990 New Zealand in Pakistan 1990/91 1st TestPakistan v New Zealandt1151
15th November 1990 West Indies in Pakistan 1990/91 1st TestPakistan v West Indiest1154
28th September 1994 Australia in Pakistan 1994/95 1st TestPakistan v Australiat1268
6th December 1997 West Indies in Pakistan 1997/98 3rd TestPakistan v West Indiest1391
22nd October 1998 Australia in Pakistan 1998/99 3rd TestPakistan v Australiat1427
12th March 2000 Sri Lanka in Pakistan 1999/00 3rd TestPakistan v Sri Lankat1489
7th December 2000 England in Pakistan 2000/01 3rd TestPakistan v Englandt1521
20th October 2001 New Zealand in Pakistan 2001/02 3rd TestPakistan v New Zealandt1563c
8th May 2002 New Zealand in Pakistan 2002 2nd TestPakistan v New Zealandt1601b
20th August 2003 Bangladesh in Pakistan 2003/04 1st TestPakistan v Bangladesht1655
28th October 2004 Sri Lanka in Pakistan 2004/05 2nd TestPakistan v Sri Lankat1719
29th January 2006 India in Pakistan 2005/06 3rd TestPakistan v Indiat1783
27th November 2006 West Indies in Pakistan 2006/07 3rd TestPakistan v West Indiest1818
1st October 2007 South Africa in Pakistan 2007/08 1st TestPakistan v South Africat1843
21st February 2009 Sri Lanka in Pakistan 2008/09 1st TestPakistan v Sri Lankat1909





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