Test Matches played on MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (31)

(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
10th February 1934 Marylebone Cricket Club in India and Ceylon 1933/34 3rd TestIndia v Englandt232
27th January 1949 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1948/49 4th TestIndia v West Indiest310
6th February 1952 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1951/52 5th TestIndia v Englandt348
28th November 1952 Pakistan in India, East Pakistan and Burma 1952/53 4th TestIndia v Pakistant358
13th January 1967 West Indies in India and Ceylon 1966/67 3rd TestIndia v West Indiest614
24th December 1969 Australia in Ceylon, India and South Africa 1969/70 5th TestIndia v Australiat669
12th January 1973 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1972/73 3rd TestIndia v Englandt708
11th January 1975 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1974/75 4th TestIndia v West Indiest752
26th November 1976 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1976/77 3rd TestIndia v New Zealandt787
14th January 1977 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Sri Lanka and Australia 1976/77 3rd TestIndia v Englandt793
12th January 1979 West Indies in India and Sri Lanka 1978/79 4th TestIndia v West Indiest841
11th September 1979 Australia in India 1979/80 1st TestIndia v Australiat855
15th January 1980 Pakistan in India and Bangladesh 1979/80 5th TestIndia v Pakistant869
13th January 1982 England in India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 5th TestIndia v Englandt918
17th September 1982 Sri Lanka in India 1982/83 Only TestIndia v Sri Lankat934
24th December 1983 West Indies in India 1983/84 6th TestIndia v West Indiest972
13th January 1985 England in India, Sri Lanka and Australia 1984/85 4th TestIndia v Englandt1008
18th September 1986 Australia in India 1986/87 1st TestIndia v Australiat1052
3rd February 1987 Pakistan in India 1986/87 1st TestIndia v Pakistant1066
11th January 1988 West Indies in India 1987/88 4th TestIndia v West Indiest1089
11th February 1993 England in India and Sri Lanka 1992/93 2nd TestIndia v Englandt1213
25th October 1995 New Zealand in India 1995/96 2nd TestIndia v New Zealandt1309
6th March 1998 Australia in India 1997/98 1st TestIndia v Australiat1405
28th January 1999 Pakistan in India 1998/99 1st TestIndia v Pakistant1442
18th March 2001 Australia in India 2000/01 3rd TestIndia v Australiat1539
17th October 2002 West Indies in Bangladesh and India 2002/03 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest1618
14th October 2004 Australia in India 2004/05 2nd TestIndia v Australiat1714
2nd December 2005 Sri Lanka in India 2005/06 1st TestIndia v Sri Lankat1775
26th March 2008 South Africa in India 2007/08 1st TestIndia v South Africat1870
11th December 2008 England in India 2008/09 1st TestIndia v Englandt1898
22nd February 2013 Australia in India 2012/13 1st TestIndia v Australiat2074
16th December 2016 England in India 2016/17 5th TestIndia v Englandt2241





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