Test Matches played on M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore (22)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
22nd November 1974 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1974/75 1st TestIndia v West Indiest745
28th January 1977 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Sri Lanka and Australia 1976/77 4th TestIndia v Englandt794
15th December 1978 West Indies in India and Sri Lanka 1978/79 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest837
19th September 1979 Australia in India 1979/80 2nd TestIndia v Australiat856
21st November 1979 Pakistan in India and Bangladesh 1979/80 1st TestIndia v Pakistant861
9th December 1981 England in India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 2nd TestIndia v Englandt912
14th September 1983 Pakistan in India 1983/84 1st TestIndia v Pakistant961
13th March 1987 Pakistan in India 1986/87 5th TestIndia v Pakistant1073
12th November 1988 New Zealand in India 1988/89 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt1107
26th January 1994 Sri Lanka in India 1993/94 2nd TestIndia v Sri Lankat1245
18th October 1995 New Zealand in India 1995/96 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt1308
25th March 1998 Australia in India 1997/98 3rd TestIndia v Australiat1413
2nd March 2000 South Africa in India 1999/00 2nd TestIndia v South Africat1486
19th December 2001 England in India 2001/02 3rd TestIndia v Englandt1578
6th October 2004 Australia in India 2004/05 1st TestIndia v Australiat1713
24th March 2005 Pakistan in India 2004/05 3rd TestIndia v Pakistant1743
8th December 2007 Pakistan in India 2007/08 3rd TestIndia v Pakistant1852
9th October 2008 Australia in India 2008/09 1st TestIndia v Australiat1887
9th October 2010 Australia in India 2010/11 2nd TestIndia v Australiat1973
31st August 2012 New Zealand in India 2012 2nd TestIndia v New Zealandt2055
7th November 2014 West Indies in India 2014/15 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest2143a
14th November 2015 South Africa in India 2015/16 2nd TestIndia v South Africat2188
4th March 2017 Australia in India 2016/17 2nd TestIndia v Australiat2251
14th June 2018 Afghanistan in India 2018 Only TestIndia v Afghanistant2307





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