Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

764Bombay v Holkar1944/45f16958
735Bombay v Maharashtra1943/44f16901
726-9dIndia v Sri Lanka2009/10f52058
725-8dBombay v Maharashtra1950/51f18995
703Bengal Cyclone XI v Bijapur Famine XI1942/43f16884
673Bijapur Famine XI v Bengal Cyclone XI1942/43f16884
664-5dNorth Zone v East Zone1982/83f34273
654Cricket Club of India v CK Nayudu's XI1944/45f16956
652Bombay v Hyderabad1947/48f17842
648-6dMumbai v Gujarat2009/10f52139
645Bombay v Baroda1945/46f17040
638-8dBombay v Sind1947/48f17768
635-9dKarnataka v Mumbai2011/12f53558
632-7dBombay v Maharashtra1947/48f17782
629-6dWest Indies v India1948/49f18166
625Mumbai v Rajasthan2011/12f53517
620Bombay v Northern India1944/45f16953
620Bombay v Baroda1948/49f18230
615-4dCricket Club of India v Services XI1944/45f16930
603Mumbai v Rest of India2015/16f57019
602-7dBombay v Mysore1966/67f26657
596Bombay v Holkar1951/52f19503
592-6dBombay v Western India1944/45f16943
591Hindus v Europeans1939/40f16727
589-9West Indians v Cricket Club of India1948/49f18170
587-5Commonwealth XI v Cricket Club of India1949/50f18595
586-7dBombay v Rajasthan1966/67f26672
581-5dHindus v The Rest1943/44f16890
578-9dBombay v Maharashtra1989/90f38432
566-5dBombay v Rest of India1962/63f24682
560-5dBombay v Sind1945/46f17028
560-7dHindus v The Rest1938/39f16377
560-9dMadhya Pradesh v Bengal2015/16f56933
555West Zone v Central Zone1964/65f25669
544-7dIndia Prime Minister's XI v Commonwealth XI1950/51f19058
539Bombay v Rajasthan1961/62f24171
536-9dBombay v Bengal1958/59f22633
532-5dParsees v Europeans1941/42f16846
531Australian Services v Indian XI1945/46f16978
531Bombay v Rajasthan1969/70f28164
530-7dWest Zone v Central Zone1972/73f29385
530Rajasthan v Mumbai2011/12f53517
527Bombay v Delhi1960/61f23628
526Bombay v Rajasthan1963/64f25169
525Bombay v Gujarat1956/57f21577
523-7dAustralia v India1956/57f21554
520-8dBombay v Mysore1969/70f28156
518International XI v Cricket Club of India President's XI1961/62f24177
517-4dPakistanis v Bombay1952/53f19825
515-7dHindus v Europeans1943/44f16888
510-7dCommonwealth XI v Bombay1953/54f20271
506-9dBombay v Mysore1941/42f16863
506-9dNorth Zone v South Zone1946/47f17430
505-5dCommonwealth XI v India Prime Minister's XI1950/51f19058
504-6dHindus v Europeans1945/46f17019
504-6dCommonwealth XI v India1953/54f20276
504Bombay v Madras1953/54f20355
504Bombay v Mysore1959/60f23126
504Bombay v Bihar1971/72f29088
502-7dIndian XI v Services XI1943/44f16911
502Gujarat v Mumbai2009/10f52139
500-8dEngland v India1961/62f24031
500-9dWest Zone v Australian Services1945/46f16977
500Mumbai v Delhi2009/10f52182





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