List A Matches played on Nehru Stadium, Kochi (12)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
5th November 1997 Ranji Trophy One Day 1997/98 South ZoneKerala v Andhraa10796a
13th November 1997 Ranji Trophy One Day 1997/98 South ZoneKerala v Hyderabada10816
31st January 1998 Deodhar Trophy 1997/98  South Zone v West Zonea10989
1st April 1998 Pepsi Triangular Series 1997/98  India v Australiaa11078
9th March 2000 South Africa in India 1999/00 1st ODIIndia v South Africaa12517
13th March 2002 Zimbabwe in India 2001/02 3rd ODIIndia v Zimbabwea14136
15th January 2003 Deodhar Trophy 2002/03  Central Zone v West Zonea14855
2nd April 2005 Pakistan in India 2004/05 1st ODIIndia v Pakistana16516
6th April 2006 England in India 2005/06 4th ODIIndia v Englanda17376
2nd October 2007 Australia in India 2007/08 2nd ODIIndia v Australiaa18395
17th October 2010 Australia in India 2010/11 1st ODIIndia v Australiaa20814a
15th January 2013 England in India 2012/13 2nd ODIIndia v Englanda22337
21st November 2013 West Indies in India 2013/14 1st ODIIndia v West Indiesa23029
8th October 2014 West Indies in India 2014/15 1st ODIIndia v West Indiesa23549





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