County Ground, New Road, Worcester - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in first-class cricket

6EW BaleAustralians v Worcestershire1909f7752
6G DuckworthWorcestershire v Lancashire1936f15292
6FLH MooneyWorcestershire v New Zealanders1949f18247
6H YarnoldHampshire v Worcestershire1949f18454
6GR CassEssex v Worcestershire1973f29628
6CP MetsonWorcestershire v Glamorgan1993f40607
6SM DaviesLeicestershire v Worcestershire2006f49513
6SM DaviesNottinghamshire v Worcestershire2009f51712
5T StrawWarwickshire v Worcestershire1899f5217
5T StrawLancashire v Worcestershire1900f5394
5EJ SmithWorcestershire v Warwickshire1910f7930
5EW BaleSussex v Worcestershire1910f8101
5EW BaleSouth Africans v Worcestershire1912f8502
5SW StylerGloucestershire v Worcestershire1929f12806
5H ElliottWorcestershire v Derbyshire1936f15434
5HG DaviesWorcestershire v Glamorgan1947f17676
5WT LuckesWorcestershire v Somerset1948f17953
5H YarnoldYorkshire v Worcestershire1950f18735
5H YarnoldDerbyshire v Worcestershire1951f19081
5HW StephensonWorcestershire v Somerset1953f19944
5JC ScholeyLancashire v Worcestershire1953f20110
5R BoothEssex v Worcestershire1958f22385
5JW ElliottPakistan Eaglets v Worcestershire1963f24776
5R BoothDerbyshire v Worcestershire1967f26869
5HG WilcockLeicestershire v Worcestershire1972f29251
5LE SkinnerWorcestershire v Surrey1976f31175
5DJS TaylorWorcestershire v Somerset1977f31744
5DJ HumphriesWarwickshire v Worcestershire1978f32060
5AJ StewartWorcestershire v Surrey1989f38211
5SJ RhodesMiddlesex v Worcestershire1991f39498
5ND BurnsWorcestershire v Somerset1991f39513
5AN AymesWorcestershire v Hampshire1992f40075
5KR BrownWorcestershire v Middlesex1993f40687
5SJ RhodesLancashire v Worcestershire1995f41789
5SJ RhodesSussex v Worcestershire2000f45163
5SJ RhodesGloucestershire v Worcestershire2000f45214
5DJ PipeDerbyshire v Worcestershire2002f46767
5T TaibuWorcestershire v Zimbabweans2003f47281
5P MustardWorcestershire v Durham2003f47338
5SJ RhodesSomerset v Worcestershire2003f47394
5LD SuttonWorcestershire v Derbyshire2005f48672
5PA NixonWorcestershire v Leicestershire2005f48798
5CM GazzardWorcestershire v Somerset2006f49354
5DJ PipeWorcestershire v Derbyshire2006f49377
5SM DaviesSussex v Worcestershire2007f50085
5SM DaviesGloucestershire v Worcestershire2008f50824
5NJ O'BrienWorcestershire v Northamptonshire2008f50871
5JA SimpsonWorcestershire v Middlesex2010f52375
5BJM ScottNottinghamshire v Worcestershire2011f53257
5GD CrossWorcestershire v Lancashire2013f54933
5GH RoderickWorcestershire v Gloucestershire2014f55733
5OB CoxSomerset v Worcestershire2015f56377
5MA WallaceWorcestershire v Glamorgan2016f57214





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