The Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wells - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-127VWC JuppNorthamptonshire v Kent1932f13937
9-81CF RootWorcestershire v Kent1930f13092
8-38AP FreemanKent v Northamptonshire1932f13937
8-42AW GreigSussex v Kent1971f28739
8-44AP FreemanKent v Northamptonshire1932f13937
8-49C BlytheKent v Derbyshire1909f7755
8-67MW TateSussex v Kent1922f10297
8-83JN ShepherdKent v Lancashire1977f31604
8-100AE WattKent v Leicestershire1937f15810
8-110G SmithKent v Sussex1957f21805
8-150AP FreemanKent v Sussex1931f13553
7-20JGW DaviesKent v Essex1936f15420
7-27JN GrahamKent v Worcestershire1967f26797
7-33RM EllisonKent v Warwickshire1991f39357
7-34FE RumseySomerset v Kent1964f25301
7-37AE WattKent v Essex1936f15420
7-38JN ShepherdKent v Gloucestershire1972f29184
7-40C BlytheKent v Lancashire1912f8603
7-40HA SmithLeicestershire v Kent1938f16204
7-45FW TateSussex v Kent1902f5907
7-45F RidgwayKent v Lancashire1951f19209
7-48MW TateSussex v Kent1924f10944
7-52CS MarriottKent v Sussex1928f12328
7-56G GearyLeicestershire v Kent1929f12715
7-57NI ThomsonSussex v Kent1957f21805
7-59AW WellardSomerset v Kent1933f14278
7-60AE LewisSomerset v Kent1910f8031
7-61J IremongerNottinghamshire v Kent1914f9186
7-61AP FreemanKent v Somerset1933f14278
7-64BR EdrichKent v Gloucestershire1949f18374
7-69C BlytheKent v Lancashire1908f7480
7-79DW HeadleyKent v Gloucestershire1993f40535
7-80DVP WrightKent v Leicestershire1946f17195
7-81AE LewisSomerset v Kent1910f8031
7-100HA SmithLeicestershire v Kent1937f15810
7-139HV Hesketh-PrichardHampshire v Kent1902f5902





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