County Ground, Taunton - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-42AE TrottMiddlesex v Somerset1900f5438
10-43T RushbySurrey v Somerset1921f9978
10-49EJ TylerSomerset v Surrey1895f4349
9-32AR CaddickSomerset v Lancashire1993f40509
9-33EJ TylerSomerset v Nottinghamshire1892f3793
9-35H HowellWarwickshire v Somerset1924f10998
9-38WJ O'ReillyAustralians v Somerset1934f14650
9-51FR SpofforthAustralians v Somerset1882f2564
9-65Abdur RehmanSomerset v Worcestershire2012f54164
8-27HL HazellSomerset v Gloucestershire1949f18315
8-28ED BarrattSurrey v Somerset1883f2679
8-29JR MasonKent v Somerset1901f5691
8-30GA WilsonWorcestershire v Somerset1905f6736
8-30A YoungSomerset v Derbyshire1930f13311
8-31HL CollinsAustralian Imperial Forces v Somerset1919f9509
8-31BD WellsGloucestershire v Somerset1953f19991
8-36DW CarrKent v Somerset1909f7814
8-36JC WhiteSomerset v Derbyshire1935f15166
8-41HFT BuseSomerset v Derbyshire1939f16717
8-44JC WhiteSomerset v Worcestershire1924f11056
8-45CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1920f9585
8-46AE BaileySomerset v Yorkshire1907f7093
8-46MCJ BallGloucestershire v Somerset1993f40662
8-46JA TomlinsonHampshire v Somerset2008f50812
8-48RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Somerset1908f7396
8-50Q McMillanSouth Africans v Somerset1929f12846
8-51EJ TylerSomerset v Sussex1895f4330
8-54EW BastardSomerset v Hampshire1885f2915
8-55MK MundaySomerset v Nottinghamshire2007f50218
8-59TM AldermanGloucestershire v Somerset1988f37716
8-64JT RawlinMiddlesex v Somerset1891f3672
8-64AR CaddickSomerset v Worcestershire1998f43851
8-67AE BaileySomerset v Middlesex1905f6726
8-70BA LangfordSomerset v Hampshire1959f22852
8-71CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1924f10876
8-72AW MoldLancashire v Somerset1891f3630
8-79JW HitchSurrey v Somerset1910f8100
8-80HJ HugginsGloucestershire v Somerset1911f8250
8-80SP KirbyYorkshire v Somerset2003f47328
8-86DW CarrKent v Somerset1910f8082
8-88CV LindoSomerset v Pakistan Eaglets1963f24806
8-94J BirkenshawLeicestershire v Somerset1972f29257
8-107GS le RouxSussex v Somerset1981f33631
8-113AR CaddickSomerset v Lancashire1999f44565
8-121WA HumphreysSussex v Somerset1893f3942
8-141VJ MarksSomerset v Kent1984f35374
7-15HJ HugginsGloucestershire v Somerset1910f7928
7-16R AppleyardYorkshire v Somerset1954f20393
7-23JID KerrSomerset v Leicestershire1999f44404
7-25J GarnerSomerset v Hampshire1981f33706
7-26J BriggsLancashire v Somerset1892f3765
7-26CTB TurnerAustralians v Somerset1893f3920
7-26JC WhiteSomerset v Gloucestershire1913f8782
7-26JC WhiteSomerset v Gloucestershire1921f9854
7-26HFT BuseSomerset v Northamptonshire1949f18240
7-28LC EastmanEssex v Somerset1922f10369
7-31EA McDonaldAustralians v Somerset1921f10083
7-31AC WrightKent v Somerset1924f11032
7-31NI ThomsonSussex v Somerset1954f20537
7-32GH HirstYorkshire v Somerset1894f4134
7-32E RobsonSomerset v Derbyshire1914f9212
7-32AP FreemanKent v Somerset1935f15011
7-33CV GrimmettAustralians v Somerset1930f13243
7-34WE AstillLeicestershire v Somerset1929f12777
7-35FE RumseySomerset v Warwickshire1966f26327
7-36AP FreemanKent v Somerset1922f10360
7-38AW MoldLancashire v Somerset1900f5362
7-38KJ O'KeeffeSomerset v Sussex1971f28662
7-39A MortonDerbyshire v Somerset1922f10217
7-39CL McCoolSomerset v Kent1959f22770
7-39FE RumseySomerset v Nottinghamshire1963f24908
7-40AE LewisSomerset v Gloucestershire1909f7674
7-42WS LeesSurrey v Somerset1909f7808
7-42D GoughYorkshire v Somerset1993f40615
7-43A FielderKent v Somerset1911f8384
7-43KJ ShineSomerset v Lancashire1997f43104
7-44EJ TylerSomerset v Sussex1895f4330
7-44CM WilloughbySomerset v Gloucestershire2006f49502
7-45C BlytheKent v Somerset1907f7282
7-47JC WhiteSomerset v Leicestershire1922f10235
7-47SR BarwickGlamorgan v Somerset1989f38057
7-47GD RoseSomerset v Nottinghamshire1996f42403
7-48GH HirstYorkshire v Somerset1905f6547
7-48CWC GroveWarwickshire v Somerset1947f17474
7-48WE HolliesWarwickshire v Somerset1950f18813
7-48KE PalmerSomerset v Lancashire1965f25715
7-49J RedmanSomerset v Gloucestershire1952f19575
7-49SL WatkinGlamorgan v Somerset1995f41720
7-50T RichardsonSurrey v Somerset1894f4116
7-50A FielderKent v Somerset1913f8960
7-52AE LewisSomerset v Middlesex1906f6992
7-54CRM AtkinsonSomerset v Gloucestershire1962f24290
7-55WW ArmstrongAustralians v Somerset1921f10083
7-55MS NicholsEssex v Somerset1931f13498
7-55R HoworthWorcestershire v Somerset1948f18054
7-57EJ TylerSomerset v Sussex1894f4103
7-57CJ KortrightEssex v Somerset1895f4291
7-57AE LewisSomerset v Surrey1910f8100
7-58EJ TylerSomerset v Gloucestershire1894f4138
7-58PGH FenderSurrey v Somerset1931f13669
7-58PS HeineSouth Africans v Somerset1955f20911
7-59AW MoldLancashire v Somerset1891f3630
7-59WC HedleySomerset v Kent1897f4781
7-59T RushbySurrey v Somerset1911f8363
7-60E RobsonSomerset v Hampshire1907f7267
7-60RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Somerset1914f9240
7-60MS PanesarSussex v Somerset2012f54137
7-61EJ TylerSomerset v Kent1897f4781
7-61D PicklesYorkshire v Somerset1957f21966
7-61NA MallenderSomerset v Derbyshire1987f37183
7-62EH KillickSussex v Somerset1908f7382
7-62NA MallenderSomerset v Sussex1989f38065
7-63H HowellWarwickshire v Somerset1922f10390
7-63NGB CookLeicestershire v Somerset1982f34227
7-64E RobsonSomerset v Derbyshire1914f9212
7-64J LangridgeSussex v Somerset1933f14309
7-65MHJ AllenDerbyshire v Somerset1964f25460
7-66CL TownsendGloucestershire v Somerset1898f5000
7-66FW TateSussex v Somerset1900f5445
7-67T RichardsonSurrey v Somerset1895f4349
7-67WT GreswellSomerset v Yorkshire1908f7566
7-68JC WhiteSomerset v Gloucestershire1914f9100
7-69JC WhiteSomerset v Leicestershire1921f10053
7-69RL JohnsonSomerset v Durham2004f47973
7-70JC WhiteSomerset v Kent1922f10360
7-71J BriggsLancashire v Somerset1894f4090
7-71T SoarHampshire v Somerset1895f4228
7-72WA HumphreysSussex v Somerset1893f3942
7-72K FarnesEssex v Somerset1933f14353
7-72CJ KnottHampshire v Somerset1950f18749
7-73MN BowenNottinghamshire v Somerset1998f43692
7-74B CranfieldSomerset v Middlesex1900f5438
7-74AS KennedyHampshire v Somerset1925f11358
7-74AME RobertsLeicestershire v Somerset1984f35256
7-75JS PatelWarwickshire v Somerset2012f54092
7-76PAJ DeFreitasLancashire v Somerset1993f40509
7-77WC HedleySomerset v Gloucestershire1894f4138
7-79PI PocockSurrey v Somerset1983f34714
7-81RO JenkinsWorcestershire v Somerset1951f19354
7-82WA HumphreysSussex v Somerset1892f3769
7-83F MartinKent v Somerset1892f3771
7-83J DysonLancashire v Somerset1960f23288
7-83VJ MarksSomerset v Derbyshire1984f35349
7-84A WatsonLancashire v Somerset1884f2808
7-85A FielderKent v Somerset1914f9074
7-85JJ BridgesSomerset v Worcestershire1921f9991
7-85JA TomlinsonHampshire v Somerset2010f52521
7-86CR YoungHampshire v Somerset1883f2685
7-89B CranfieldSomerset v Surrey1903f6227
7-89RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Somerset1911f8378
7-89J LawrenceSomerset v Glamorgan1949f18235
7-90B CranfieldSomerset v Surrey1900f5478
7-90ID BlackwellSomerset v Glamorgan2004f48068
7-91TPB SmithEssex v Somerset1946f17073
7-91Mushtaq AhmedSomerset v Sussex1993f40583
7-93EJ TylerSomerset v Lancashire1898f4913
7-94E RobsonSomerset v Australians1912f8563
7-94Mushtaq AhmedSomerset v Worcestershire1994f41168
7-96RJ SillenceWorcestershire v Somerset2006f49411
7-99RM TaylorEssex v Somerset1946f17073
7-103DVP WrightKent v Somerset1947f17718
7-105DA GraveneySomerset v Kent1991f39446
7-109JC WhiteSomerset v Kent1926f11743
7-110B CranfieldSomerset v Gloucestershire1901f5710
7-110TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Somerset1949f18315
7-110B DoolandNottinghamshire v Somerset1955f20849
7-111EJ TylerSomerset v Yorkshire1892f3800
7-112GA WilsonWorcestershire v Somerset1905f6736
7-112HL HazellSomerset v Derbyshire1949f18423
7-114EJ TylerSomerset v Yorkshire1895f4356
7-115EG ArnoldWorcestershire v Somerset1904f6460
7-118VJ MarksSomerset v Gloucestershire1988f37716
7-122SMJ WoodsSomerset v Middlesex1893f3937
7-122CL TownsendGloucestershire v Somerset1895f4359
7-122LC BraundSomerset v Sussex1903f6201
7-133R PeelYorkshire v Somerset1892f3800
7-133EJ TylerSomerset v Yorkshire1895f4356
7-136CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1923f10496
7-142EJ TylerSomerset v Lancashire1898f4913
7-143VJ MarksSomerset v Leicestershire1985f35840
7-164T RichardsonSurrey v Somerset1898f5010
7-196EJ TylerSomerset v Yorkshire1896f4405





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