County Ground, Taunton - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

850-7dSomerset v Middlesex2007f50021
801-8dDerbyshire v Somerset2007f50051
801Lancashire v Somerset1895f4298
742-5dSussex v Somerset2009f51707
707-7dDerbyshire v Somerset2005f48824
705-9dSomerset v Hampshire2003f47401
692Essex v Somerset1895f4291
681-5dNorthamptonshire v Somerset2003f47385
675-5dSomerset v Leicestershire2007f50101
672-4dSomerset v Warwickshire2009f51563
672-7dHampshire v Somerset1899f5176
654-6dSomerset v Hampshire2008f50812
650Somerset v Northamptonshire2001f46016
644Sussex v Somerset2002f46690
642-9dHampshire v Somerset1901f5705
642Warwickshire v Somerset2011f53170
630-9dSomerset v Hampshire2015f56521
628-7dWorcestershire v Somerset1988f37513
627-9dHampshire v Somerset2011f53341
625-8dSomerset v Northamptonshire2006f49517
618Worcestershire v Somerset2006f49411
616-7dSomerset v Nottinghamshire1992f40142
611-9dGloucestershire v Somerset2003f47336
608-6dSurrey v Somerset2002f46673
601-8dKent v Somerset1908f7546
600-4dMiddlesex v Somerset2007f50021
600-8dSomerset v Glamorgan2001f45955
592Somerset v Yorkshire1892f3800
587-8dSomerset v Hampshire2016f57222
581Somerset v Yorkshire2005f48767
580-6dSomerset v Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2005f48610
577Kent v Somerset1934f14551
574Northamptonshire v Somerset2005f48803
571Worcestershire v Somerset2009f51742
566-5dSomerset v Warwickshire1985f35774
566Somerset v Leicestershire2005f48727
565-5dSomerset v Worcestershire2015f56504
565Somerset v Lancashire2000f45193
565Somerset v Leicestershire2002f46620
562-7dSomerset v Yorkshire2016f57121
560-5dAustralians v Somerset1948f18134
560-8dSomerset v Sussex1901f5680
559Sussex v Somerset1896f4543
558Somerset v Sussex1993f40583
558Somerset v Surrey1996f42393
557-8dSomerset v Sussex2008f50823
557-8dSomerset v Lancashire2009f51730
554Somerset v Sussex1899f5215
554Somerset v New Zealanders1999f44461
554Somerset v Surrey2002f46673
553Somerset v Yorkshire2014f55590
552Middlesex v Somerset1907f7259
549-9dYorkshire v Somerset1905f6547
545-9dSomerset v Hampshire1930f13320
545Somerset v Worcestershire1906f6999
544-9dNew Zealanders v Somerset1983f34684
543Durham v Somerset2009f51582
541Somerset v Hampshire1996f42520
539Kent v Somerset1905f6749
534-6Somerset v Gloucestershire1980f33052
534Somerset v Durham1992f40133
532Australians v Somerset1899f5240
530Essex v Somerset1926f11666
530Somerset v Derbyshire2007f50051
527Glamorgan v Somerset1997f43251
524Derbyshire v Somerset1996f42565
523-3dSomerset v Middlesex1999f44496
523-7dSurrey v Somerset1911f8363
523-8Somerset v Worcestershire2009f51742
523-9dSomerset v Middlesex1946f17224
523-9dSomerset v Middlesex2014f55758
522Middlesex v Somerset1923f10592
522Gloucestershire v Somerset1948f17883
521-6Somerset v Sussex2009f51707
520-9dWorcestershire v Somerset1990f38910
518-8dYorkshire v Somerset1900f5466
517Somerset v Nottinghamshire2010f52505
516-7dMiddlesex v Somerset1934f14726
515-3dSouth Africans v Somerset2008f50861
512-9dSomerset v Worcestershire2012f54164
512Yorkshire v Somerset2003f47328
510Somerset v Hampshire2009f51648
509-7dSouth Africa A v Somerset1996f42504
508Somerset v Yorkshire1946f17248
508Somerset v Derbyshire1984f35349
506-6dSomerset v Indians1946f17263
506Marylebone Cricket Club v Somerset1882f2553
504Kent v Somerset1999f44526
503-8dSomerset v Sussex1999f44468
503Somerset v Kent1898f4990
502-6dSomerset v Pakistanis1967f26850
501Kent v Somerset1911f8384
500-5dSomerset v Sussex1990f38723
500Warwickshire v Somerset2009f51563





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