County Ground, Southampton - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-38CA ConnorHampshire v Gloucestershire1996f42527
9-40W MeadEssex v Hampshire1900f5383
9-52W MeadEssex v Hampshire1895f4308
8-18GA LohmannSurrey v Hampshire1885f2907
8-21S HaighYorkshire v Hampshire1898f4874
8-24AS KennedyHampshire v Gloucestershire1924f10856
8-28FW TateSussex v Hampshire1902f5971
8-31DVP WrightKent v Hampshire1954f20451
8-32HV Hesketh-PrichardHampshire v Derbyshire1905f6611
8-37WCL CreeseHampshire v Lancashire1936f15493
8-39J WoottonKent v Hampshire1885f2916
8-40HJ TayfieldSouth Africans v Hampshire1955f21076
8-41RJ MaruHampshire v Kent1989f38062
8-43JA NewmanHampshire v Australians1909f7688
8-50SD UdalHampshire v Sussex1992f39880
8-59EW BastardSomerset v Hampshire1885f2945
8-63DVP WrightKent v Hampshire1949f18310
8-67W MeadEssex v Hampshire1895f4308
8-67DAD SydenhamSurrey v Hampshire1963f24922
8-71MD MarshallHampshire v Worcestershire1982f34212
8-82WT LangfordHampshire v West Indians1906f6928
8-89AS KennedyHampshire v Leicestershire1922f10222
8-96MD BurdenHampshire v Lancashire1960f23147
8-102CIJ SmithMiddlesex v Hampshire1934f14582
8-110JA NewmanHampshire v Warwickshire1911f8355
8-114PJ SainsburyHampshire v Gloucestershire1976f31141
8-131JA NewmanHampshire v Lancashire1928f12407
8-132CB LlewellynHampshire v Australians1899f5199
7-7J BaileyHampshire v Nottinghamshire1932f13809
7-18CP MeadHampshire v Northamptonshire1908f7474
7-21RJ KirtleySussex v Hampshire1999f44536
7-25W CropperDerbyshire v Hampshire1885f2899
7-25PJ SainsburyHampshire v Essex1955f20891
7-27FJ LaverAustralians v Hampshire1909f7688
7-28B LewisGlamorgan v Hampshire1968f27211
7-30D ShackletonHampshire v Surrey1963f24922
7-30AN JonesSomerset v Hampshire1988f37541
7-35CB LlewellynHampshire v Leicestershire1902f5847
7-35HG SmokerHampshire v South Africans1907f7160
7-35JA NewmanHampshire v Sussex1920f9705
7-36AJL HillHampshire v Leicestershire1897f4799
7-36CJ KnottHampshire v Indians1946f17111
7-37GAE PaineWarwickshire v Hampshire1931f13463
7-37JCT PageKent v Hampshire1958f22200
7-39CV GrimmettAustralians v Hampshire1930f13091
7-39D ShackletonHampshire v Glamorgan1958f22295
7-39DJ NashNew Zealanders v Hampshire1999f44475
7-41BR EdrichKent v Hampshire1949f18310
7-42H BaldwinHampshire v Essex1895f4308
7-42WR CuttellLancashire v Hampshire1899f5121
7-42WT GreswellSomerset v Hampshire1908f7536
7-42JA NewmanHampshire v Warwickshire1910f8004
7-42G GearyLeicestershire v Hampshire1926f11600
7-43H BaldwinHampshire v Sussex1895f4336
7-43T RichardsonSurrey v Hampshire1897f4740
7-43JH MayerWarwickshire v Hampshire1931f13463
7-44G GearyLeicestershire v Hampshire1926f11600
7-44CEL AmbroseNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1994f41199
7-45SMJ WoodsSomerset v Hampshire1895f4277
7-46CJ ScottGloucestershire v Hampshire1952f19654
7-47HV Hesketh-PrichardHampshire v Derbyshire1903f6077
7-47HC McDonellHampshire v Somerset1914f9246
7-47CA ConnorHampshire v Northamptonshire1994f41199
7-48JJ HulmeDerbyshire v Hampshire1902f5793
7-48JA NewmanHampshire v Gloucestershire1922f10302
7-48FM SibblesLancashire v Hampshire1935f15092
7-48PH EdmondsMiddlesex v Hampshire1975f30599
7-49T SoarHampshire v Derbyshire1895f4231
7-49C BlytheKent v Hampshire1904f6334
7-50OW HermanHampshire v Essex1932f13971
7-51A JaquesHampshire v Warwickshire1914f9250
7-51OW HermanHampshire v Somerset1937f15836
7-53A BirdWorcestershire v Hampshire1901f5616
7-53FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Hampshire1975f30599
7-55GS BoyesHampshire v Kent1937f15691
7-56A BirdWorcestershire v Hampshire1901f5616
7-56CV GrimmettAustralians v Hampshire1930f13091
7-57RK TyldesleyLancashire v Hampshire1931f13487
7-59CB LlewellynHampshire v Derbyshire1902f5793
7-59OW HermanHampshire v Kent1936f15346
7-61DW WhiteHampshire v Nottinghamshire1961f23844
7-64AR CaddickSomerset v Hampshire2000f45094
7-66PM SuchEssex v Hampshire1994f41069
7-67HJ PallettWarwickshire v Hampshire1896f4549
7-67JA NewmanHampshire v Surrey1910f8048
7-69VWC JuppNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1932f14011
7-71T RichardsonSurrey v Hampshire1896f4482
7-71AS KennedyHampshire v Sussex1922f10146
7-71D ShackletonHampshire v Kent1963f24759
7-72T SoarHampshire v Somerset1895f4277
7-74AB HideSussex v Hampshire1885f2928
7-74HJ PallettWarwickshire v Hampshire1896f4549
7-75TE JestyHampshire v Worcestershire1976f31200
7-77CB LlewellynHampshire v Worcestershire1901f5616
7-77JA NewmanHampshire v Derbyshire1910f8041
7-78EA McDonaldLancashire v Hampshire1927f12037
7-78JC ClayGlamorgan v Hampshire1937f15911
7-79RK IllingworthWorcestershire v Hampshire1997f43248
7-84JA NewmanHampshire v Kent1922f10204
7-85CF RootWorcestershire v Hampshire1922f10367
7-89GEM HeathHampshire v Kent1938f16140
7-90HV Hesketh-PrichardHampshire v Leicestershire1903f6100
7-92SJW AndrewHampshire v Gloucestershire1987f37001
7-93CJ KnottHampshire v Derbyshire1950f18847
7-94CB LlewellynHampshire v Worcestershire1901f5616
7-95AW MoldLancashire v Hampshire1900f5326
7-96PGH FenderSurrey v Hampshire1933f14177
7-97T SoarHampshire v Yorkshire1896f4509
7-99CH ParkinLancashire v Hampshire1923f10709
7-102W BestwickDerbyshire v Hampshire1906f6868
7-103D ShackletonHampshire v West Indians1957f21860
7-104WE PhillipsonLancashire v Hampshire1939f16516
7-104CJ KnottHampshire v Warwickshire1948f18078
7-109F BarrattNottinghamshire v Hampshire1914f9114
7-110E RobinsonYorkshire v Hampshire1928f12320
7-112MS NicholsEssex v Hampshire1927f11967
7-113AE BaileySomerset v Hampshire1905f6694
7-114M MuralitharanLancashire v Hampshire1999f44494
7-123JJ HulmeDerbyshire v Hampshire1903f6077
7-124PT MillsGloucestershire v Hampshire1910f7944
7-128JE WalshLeicestershire v Hampshire1949f18413
7-130A SheriyarWorcestershire v Hampshire1999f44393
7-143G BrownHampshire v Middlesex1925f11277
7-144A MortonDerbyshire v Hampshire1910f8041
7-154H BaldwinHampshire v Somerset1900f5412





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