County Ground, Southampton - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

371-4Hampshire v Glamorgan1975a1477
339-4Hampshire v Berkshire1985a4490
322-6Hampshire v Norfolk1996a9919
319-2Somerset v Hampshire1987a5219
304-2Hampshire v Dorset1987a5299
304-8Glamorgan v Hampshire1997a10599
302-6Hampshire v Glamorgan1997a10599
299-4Hampshire v Glamorgan1991a7001
297-2Hampshire v Combined Universities1990a6542
295-7Hampshire v Norfolk1965a44
294-9Hampshire v Glamorgan1985a4404
290-2Glamorgan v Hampshire1989a6020
286-3Hampshire v Glamorgan1989a6020
286Essex v Hampshire1996a9977
284Northamptonshire v Hampshire1990a6690
283Hampshire v Northamptonshire1990a6690
281-5Hampshire v Surrey1987a5213
279-5West Indians v Hampshire1988a5647
278-4Hampshire v Warwickshire1997a10538
278-5Worcestershire v Hampshire1986a4928
276-3Hampshire v Leicestershire1986a4950
276-5Kent v Hampshire1995a9241
275-8Sri Lanka v Kenya1999a11946
275-9Hampshire v Worcestershire1995a9286
275-9Worcestershire v Hampshire1995a9286
272-7Australia v Zimbabwe1983a3696
268-5Hampshire v West Indians1995a9225
268-5Hampshire v Ireland1996a9799
267-4Hampshire v Nottinghamshire1990a6647
267-7Middlesex v Hampshire1989a6184
267-8Surrey v Hampshire1998a11119
264-2Yorkshire v Hampshire1995a9318
264-4Hampshire v Nottinghamshire1991a6978
264-7Hampshire v Middlesex1989a6184
264Warwickshire v Hampshire1997a10538
263-5Glamorgan v Hampshire2000a12889
263-9Gloucestershire v Hampshire1997a10463
262-2Hampshire v Lancashire1991a7116
262-3Hampshire v Surrey1994a8774
261-8Surrey v Hampshire1994a8774
261-9Hampshire v Gloucestershire1997a10463
261Lancashire v Hampshire1991a7116
260-6Essex v Hampshire1983a3616
260-8Nottinghamshire v Hampshire1990a6647
260-9Nottinghamshire v Hampshire1991a6978
258-9Hampshire v Glamorgan2000a12889
255-5Hampshire v Worcestershire1991a7109
254-4Essex v Hampshire1984a4037
253-3Hampshire v Nottinghamshire1991a7143
252-9Nottinghamshire v Hampshire1991a7143
252Lancashire v Hampshire1998a11327
250-5Kent v Hampshire1986a4834
250-8Kent v Hampshire1984a4133





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