The University Parks, Oxford - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-49WG GraceMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1886f3011
9-38TB RaikesOxford University v Army1924f10866
9-41FA PearsonHK Foster's XI v Oxford University1913f8791
9-54JT HearneMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1897f4685
9-75GA WilsonWorcestershire v Oxford University1904f6361
8-14RMH CottamNorthamptonshire v Oxford University1972f29145
8-22FW StocksOxford University v AJ Webbe's XI1899f5067
8-26FHE CunliffeOxford University v Surrey1896f4434
8-27FJ DurstonMiddlesex v Oxford University1923f10486
8-30VR PriceOxford University v Gentlemen of England1919f9332
8-34PG LeeLancashire v Oxford University1980f33076
8-39JB KingGentlemen of Philadelphia v Oxford University1903f6102
8-40HA ArkwrightMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1903f6090
8-46GA WilsonWorcestershire v Oxford University1899f5088
8-48HA GilbertOxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1907f7147
8-50WB RobertsLancashire v Oxford University1949f18272
8-53F MartinMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1891f3600
8-56H VerityYorkshire v Oxford University1936f15307
8-57H RotherhamGentlemen of England v Oxford University1884f2725
8-59JB MortimoreGloucestershire v Oxford University1959f22646
8-60FR BrownFree Foresters v Oxford University1956f21284
8-65RJ HurstMiddlesex v Oxford University1956f21238
8-69JH SinclairSouth Africans v Oxford University1904f6356
8-72JD PiachaudOxford University v Free Foresters1958f22204
8-83JT HearneAJ Webbe's XI v Oxford University1899f5067
8-84Ghulam AhmedIndians v Oxford University1952f19549
8-99AP FreemanKent v Oxford University1931f13411
8-103RGW MelsomeArmy v Oxford University1926f11559
8-110JE WalshLeicestershire v Oxford University1953f20010
8-115JE WalshLeicestershire v Oxford University1953f20010
8-119HW ForsterOxford University v Gentlemen of England1888f3238
7-17EH BucklandOxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1884f2748
7-18HL JacksonDerbyshire v Oxford University1958f22168
7-18A SidebottomYorkshire v Oxford University1980f33032
7-22K StevensonHampshire v Oxford University1979f32545
7-23JLS VidlerOxford University v Kent1911f8212
7-23JA BaileyOxford University v Lancashire1958f22177
7-24DP HughesLancashire v Oxford University1970f28193
7-26JD MartinOxford University v Derbyshire1964f25304
7-30G GearyLeicestershire v Oxford University1935f14944
7-32J BriggsLancashire v Oxford University1892f3721
7-32HA ArkwrightOxford University v Somerset1895f4214
7-33TW HaywardSurrey v Oxford University1897f4671
7-33AH KardarOxford University v Sussex1949f18323
7-35CD DrybroughOxford University v Leicestershire1961f23740
7-35AP PridgeonWorcestershire v Oxford University1976f31080
7-37P WilleyNorthamptonshire v Oxford University1975f30601
7-38HA SmithLeicestershire v Oxford University1932f13794
7-38SR BarwickGlamorgan v Oxford University1984f35150
7-39JT HearneAJ Webbe's XI v Oxford University1898f4859
7-39TP MilnesWarwickshire v Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University2013f54783
7-40EE HemmingsWarwickshire v Oxford University1975f30607
7-41A BirdWorcestershire v Oxford University1903f6056
7-41WHB EvansOxford University v Somerset1903f6074
7-41K GriffithWorcestershire v Oxford University1969f27734
7-42GA LohmannSurrey v Oxford University1889f3361
7-42F RidgwayKent v Oxford University1958f22228
7-42MWW SelveyMiddlesex v Oxford University1976f31040
7-43WHB EvansOxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1903f6090
7-43GI BurgessSomerset v Oxford University1975f30586
7-43K AliWorcestershire v Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2002f46570
7-44J BriggsLancashire v Oxford University1894f4036
7-44RFH Darwall-SmithOxford University v Gloucestershire1937f15668
7-45AJ CorranOxford University v Lancashire1960f23185
7-46J BriggsLancashire v Oxford University1893f3848
7-47GE RobinsonOxford University v Gentlemen of England1881f2383
7-47C KellewayAustralian Imperial Forces v Oxford University1919f9347
7-47RHB BettingtonOxford University v Somerset1920f9600
7-47PNG MountfordOxford University v West Indians1963f24739
7-49BP PattersonLancashire v Oxford University1985f35773
7-50RK IllingworthWorcestershire v Oxford University1985f35750
7-51EG ArnoldWorcestershire v Oxford University1908f7424
7-52VHD CanningsHampshire v Oxford University1950f18651
7-54FA TarrantMiddlesex v Oxford University1914f9063
7-55SJ MaloneHampshire v Oxford University1982f34056
7-56JB HobbsSurrey v Oxford University1911f8207
7-58AW MoldLancashire v Oxford University1891f3586
7-58BGV MelleOxford University v Free Foresters1913f8820
7-60W MeadEssex v Oxford University1898f4871
7-60EP RobinsonYorkshire v Oxford University1946f17092
7-60JD ShantryWorcestershire v Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University2013f54825
7-61BJT BosanquetHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Oxford University1902f5782
7-61JP Fellows-SmithFree Foresters v Oxford University1964f25235
7-63E SmithOxford University v Lancashire1890f3485
7-63PJ PhelanEssex v Oxford University1962f24299
7-64HA GilbertMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1912f8526
7-68FHE CunliffeOxford University v AJ Webbe's XI1898f4859
7-68HA GilbertOxford University v Lancashire1908f7370
7-68FA TarrantMiddlesex v Oxford University1914f9063
7-68AEG RhodesDerbyshire v Oxford University1950f18732
7-69W MeadMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1895f4247
7-70TW HaywardSurrey v Oxford University1897f4671
7-71PJ PlummerNottinghamshire v Oxford University1972f29134
7-72RG MarlarSussex v Oxford University1956f21334
7-73AS KennedyHampshire v Oxford University1922f10154
7-73H VerityYorkshire v Oxford University1936f15307
7-74HO WhitbyOxford University v Lancashire1886f2999
7-86EJ TylerSomerset v Oxford University1895f4214
7-87JS SavageLeicestershire v Oxford University1961f23740
7-88JE EmbureyMiddlesex v Oxford University1981f33574
7-93GEE LambertGloucestershire v Oxford University1949f18234
7-94D BuchananGentlemen of England v Oxford University1881f2383
7-105B CranfieldSomerset v Oxford University1902f5789
7-110GNS RidleyOxford University v Gloucestershire1965f25704
7-111JR AshmanWorcestershire v Oxford University1954f20436
7-115RR RelfMinor Counties v Oxford University1933f14172
7-153HGO Owen-SmithOxford University v New Zealanders1931f13457





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