The University Parks, Oxford - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

24Oxford University v Leicestershire1985f35729
37Marylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1884f2748
43AJ Webbe's XI v Oxford University1899f5067
45New Zealanders v Oxford University1958f22193
46Oxford University v Yorkshire1956f21246
47Oxford University v Derbyshire1939f16452
47Oxford University v Lancashire1985f35773
50Oxford University v Surrey1968f27223
52Oxford University v Nottinghamshire1987f36996
53Oxford University v Warwickshire1905f6629
54Free Foresters v Oxford University1949f18297
55Oxford University v Northamptonshire1972f29145
58Oxford University v Yorkshire1954f20375
58Oxford University v Derbyshire1974f30084
59Oxford University v Hampshire1953f20018
59Oxford University v Warwickshire1977f31524
59Oxford University v Hampshire1979f32545
61H Philipson's XI v Oxford University1891f3596
61Oxford University v Lancashire1894f4036
61Somerset v Oxford University1896f4421
62Oxford University v Lancashire1924f10805
63Surrey v Oxford University1886f2992
63Oxford University v Hampshire1971f28640
63Oxford University v Somerset1981f33519
64Oxford University v Lancashire1980f33076
65Oxford University v Surrey1897f4671
65Oxford University v Middlesex1968f27216
65Oxford University v Glamorgan1977f31590
66Oxford University v Lancashire1958f22177
66Oxford University v Nottinghamshire1987f36996
67Oxford University v Yorkshire1974f30096
68Oxford University v Leicestershire1988f37487
69Surrey v Oxford University1902f5855
70Surrey v Oxford University1886f2992
70Kent v Oxford University1910f7923
71Gloucestershire v Oxford University1923f10502
71Oxford University v Derbyshire1965f25755
72Oxford University v Derbyshire1939f16452
72Derbyshire v Oxford University1939f16452
72Oxford University v New Zealanders1949f18287
72Oxford University v Gloucestershire1984f35201
73Oxford University v Sussex1960f23261
73Oxford University v Durham1994f41056
74Oxford University v Surrey1886f2992
74Oxford University v Middlesex1923f10486
75Oxford University v Lancashire1889f3364
75Oxford University v Yorkshire1958f22160
75Derbyshire v Oxford University1960f23206
76Oxford University v Northamptonshire1971f28733
77Old Oxonians v Oxford University1881f2397
77Oxford University v Surrey1903f6064
77Oxford University v Glamorgan1979f32531
78Somerset v Oxford University1904f6300
78Oxford University v Sussex1975f30548
79Oxford University v Middlesex1968f27216
79Oxford University v Gloucestershire1980f33013
80Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1892f3725
80Oxford University v Yorkshire1931f13404
81Somerset v Oxford University1892f3733
81Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1894f4040
81Oxford University v Somerset1901f5574
81Oxford University v Sussex1971f28654
81Oxford University v Warwickshire1971f28679
81Oxford University v Yorkshire1980f33032
81Oxford University v Worcestershire1999f44356
82Oxford University v Lancashire1886f2999
82Lancashire v Oxford University1958f22177
82Oxford University v Northamptonshire1976f31064
82Oxford and Cambridge Universities v Sri Lankans1981f33580
83Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1889f3357
83Oxford University v Nottinghamshire1989f38080
84Middlesex v Oxford University1946f17140
84Combined Services v Oxford University1947f17531
84Oxford University v Middlesex1969f27705
84Oxford University v Warwickshire1974f30075
85Oxford University v Worcestershire1908f7424
85Somerset v Oxford University1921f9862
86Oxford University v Surrey1965f25811
86Oxford University v Durham1993f40475
87Oxford University v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1903f6102
88Lancashire v Oxford University1892f3721
88Army v Oxford University1924f10866
88Oxford University v Gloucestershire1958f22155
89Oxford University v HK Foster's XI1912f8518
89Warwickshire v Oxford University1950f18661
89Oxford University v Middlesex1967f26728
89Oxford University v Essex1972f29142
89Oxford University v Northamptonshire1972f29145
90Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1886f3011
90AJ Webbe's XI v Oxford University1899f5067
90Oxford University v Middlesex1929f12689
90Oxford University v Yorkshire1969f27672
90Oxford University v Lancashire1984f35156
91Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1909f7699
91Free Foresters v Oxford University1958f22204
92Lancashire v Oxford University1931f13473
92Oxford University v Gloucestershire1953f19942
92Oxford University v Middlesex1989f38092
93London County v Oxford University1900f5307
93Harlequins v Oxford University1925f11191
93Oxford University v Kent1958f22228
93Oxford University v Gloucestershire1965f25704
93Oxford University v Middlesex1977f31528
93Oxford University v Hampshire1989f38134
94Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1887f3129
94Oxford University v AJ Webbe's XI1898f4859
94Oxford University v Lancashire1928f12240
94Oxford University v Worcestershire1976f31080
95Gentlemen of England v Oxford University1910f7963
95Oxford University v Army1920f9617
95Derbyshire v Oxford University1953f20035
95Oxford University v Yorkshire1957f21708
95Oxford University v Northamptonshire1988f37489
95Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University v Worcestershire2015f56336
96Surrey v Oxford University1896f4434
96Kent v Oxford University1924f10835
96Oxford University v Derbyshire1975f30563
96Oxford University v Lancashire1986f36383
97Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1907f7147
97Oxford University v Hampshire1922f10154
97Oxford University v Free Foresters1938f16144
97Oxford University v Worcestershire1960f23222
97Oxford University v Derbyshire1995f41760
98Oxford University v Surrey1889f3361
98Worcestershire v Oxford University1903f6056
98Oxford University v Free Foresters1968f27254
98Oxford University v Derbyshire1972f29121
98Oxford University v Middlesex1976f31040
98Oxford University v Nottinghamshire1986f36348
98Oxford University v Leicestershire1988f37487
99Somerset v Oxford University1922f10200
99Oxford University v Middlesex1967f26728
99Oxford University v Surrey1969f27682
99Oxford University v Worcestershire1969f27734
99Oxford University v Glamorgan1993f40481





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