Trent Bridge, Nottingham - Centuries in Test cricket

278  DCS ComptonEngland v Pakistan1954t388
261  FMM WorrellWest Indies v England1950t325
258  TW GraveneyEngland v West Indies1957t441
232  SJ McCabeAustralia v England1938t263
232  IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1976t777
219  MA TaylorAustralia v England1989t1125
216*E PaynterEngland v Australia1938t263
210  GA GoochEngland v New Zealand1994t1260
209*BF ButcherWest Indies v England1966t607
208  AD NourseSouth Africa v England1951t334
197  MP VaughanEngland v India2002t1612
191*FMM WorrellWest Indies v England1957t441
189  A MelvilleSouth Africa v England1947t285
184  DCS ComptonEngland v Australia1948t299
177  SR TendulkarIndia v England1996t1329
176  BE CongdonNew Zealand v England1973t722
172  GM WoodAustralia v England1985t1019
170*R EdwardsAustralia v England1972t700
168  OG SmithWest Indies v England1957t441
166  DI GowerEngland v Australia1985t1019
163  DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1947t285
160  MA AthertonEngland v India1996t1329
159  IR BellEngland v India2011t2001
155  JH EdrichEngland v New Zealand1969t657
152  BC LaraWest Indies v England1995t1302
151  MA AthertonEngland v New Zealand1990t1145
149  RES WyattEngland v South Africa1935t242
149  AD NourseSouth Africa v England1947t285
148*MW GoodwinZimbabwe v England2000t1498
146  GM RitchieAustralia v England1985t1019
146  GA GoochEngland v West Indies1988t1098
144*DG BradmanAustralia v England1938t263
141  AJ StraussEngland v West Indies2012t2044
140  AC MacLarenEngland v Australia1905t83
139  AW GreigEngland v New Zealand1973t722
138  DG BradmanAustralia v England1948t299
138*DL AmissEngland v New Zealand1973t722
138  GR MarshAustralia v England1989t1125
137  AL HassettAustralia v England1948t299
137  RT SimpsonEngland v South Africa1951t334
137*AJ LambEngland v New Zealand1983t960
136  SC GangulyIndia v England1996t1329
136  MA AthertonEngland v Zimbabwe2000t1498
135  APE KnottEngland v Australia1977t806
133  WA BrownAustralia v England1938t263
131  DG BradmanAustralia v England1930t194
131  G BoycottEngland v New Zealand1978t829
130  EJG MorganEngland v Pakistan2010t1967
129  ED WeekesWest Indies v England1950t325
126  CJ BarnettEngland v Australia1938t263
126  PE RichardsonEngland v West Indies1957t441
126  WJ CronjeSouth Africa v England1998t1421
125  RG PollockSouth Africa v England1965t595
124  MP VaughanEngland v India2007t1841
120  GA GoochEngland v Australia1993t1225
118*GA HickEngland v West Indies1995t1302
117  SP FlemingNew Zealand v England2004t1704
117  RS DravidIndia v England2011t2001
117  MN SamuelsWest Indies v England2012t2044
116  V PollardNew Zealand v England1973t722
116  N HussainEngland v South Africa2003t1654
115  AL HassettAustralia v England1953t372
115  RS DravidIndia v England2002t1612
115  KP PietersenEngland v New Zealand2008t1878
114  TW GraveneyEngland v Pakistan1962t533
114  KR StackpoleAustralia v England1972t700
114*GP ThorpeEngland v Australia1993t1225
113  MA AthertonEngland v West Indies1995t1302
112  DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1951t334
111  PJ SharpeEngland v New Zealand1969t657
110  JG BracewellNew Zealand v England1986t1050
109  TW GraveneyEngland v West Indies1966t607
109*KF BarringtonEngland v Pakistan1967t622
109  IR BellEngland v Australia2013t2090
108  SB StyrisNew Zealand v England2004t1704
107  RB McCoskerAustralia v England1977t806
107  G BoycottEngland v Australia1977t806
107*N HussainEngland v India1996t1329
106  PBH MayEngland v India1959t474
106  DS SteeleEngland v West Indies1976t777
106  V SehwagIndia v England2002t1612
106  MA ButcherEngland v South Africa2003t1654
106  DJG SammyWest Indies v England2012t2044
105  MC CowdreyEngland v South Africa1965t595
104*A MelvilleSouth Africa v England1947t285
104  PBH MayEngland v West Indies1957t441
104*GP ThorpeEngland v New Zealand2004t1704
103  IT BothamEngland v New Zealand1983t960
102  DCS ComptonEngland v Australia1938t263
102  C WashbrookEngland v West Indies1950t325
102  A FlintoffEngland v Australia2005t1762
102*MJ PriorEngland v Pakistan2010t1967
101  RT SimpsonEngland v Pakistan1954t388
101*PH ParfittEngland v Pakistan1962t533
101  RA SmithEngland v Australia1989t1125
101  DC BoonAustralia v England1993t1225
101  MA AthertonEngland v New Zealand1994t1260
100  L HuttonEngland v Australia1938t263
100*Mushtaq MohammadPakistan v England1962t533





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