County Ground, Northampton - Centuries in List A matches

161  DJG SalesNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2006a17434
153*RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Pakistan A1997a10659
147  KA EdwardsWest Indies A v England Lions2010a20630
142*L KlusenerSouth Africans v Northamptonshire1998a11264
140*RS KaluwitharanaSri Lankans v Northamptonshire2002a14372
139  HD AckermanLeicestershire v Northamptonshire2008a18980
139*P MustardDurham v Northamptonshire2011a21481
136*P JohnsonNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire1995a9391
134  RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire1987a5224
134  ME CassarDerbyshire v Northamptonshire1998a11306
133*DJG SalesNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire2003a15077
132*A FordhamNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1991a7117
130  A FordhamNorthamptonshire v Staffordshire1990a6615
130  JW CookNorthamptonshire Cricket Board v Wiltshire1999a11899
129  GD BarlowMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1977a1920
125*AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1985a4382
124*MB LoyeNorthamptonshire v Northamptonshire Cricket Board2001a13571
123  MB LoyeNorthamptonshire v Sri Lankans2002a14372
123  MEK HusseyNorthamptonshire v Scotland2003a15242
122*AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1984a4031
122  CL HooperKent v Northamptonshire1994a8787
122*U AfzaalNorthamptonshire v Middlesex2005a16664
121  DJ CapelNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan1990a6584
120  AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Sussex1992a7637
120  GA HickWorcestershire v Northamptonshire2007a18262
119*RB KanhaiWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1975a1364
119  GA GoochEssex v Northamptonshire1992a7527
119  ST JayasuriyaSri Lankans v Northamptonshire1998a11328
119*CMW ReadNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire2003a15077
119  VS SolankiWorcestershire v Northamptonshire2005a16573
118*RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1986a4878
118*MW GattingMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1986a4905
118*DS LehmannYorkshire v Northamptonshire2006a17434
118  IJL TrottEngland Lions v West Indies A2010a20630
117  PA JaquesNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2003a15194
117  MP MaynardGlamorgan v Northamptonshire2004a15985
116*DJG SalesNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire2007a18201
115  ER DexterSussex v Northamptonshire1963a14
115*RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire1996a9835
114  RW BarberWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1964a33
114*G CookNorthamptonshire v Surrey1979a2488
114  RS DravidScotland v Northamptonshire2003a15242
112  MB LoyeNorthamptonshire v Zimbabweans2000a12815
112  C WhiteYorkshire v Northamptonshire2006a17434
111  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Scotland1990a6535
111*M AzharuddinDerbyshire v Northamptonshire1994a8734
111*ML LoveNorthamptonshire v Middlesex2005a16664
111  RA WhiteNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2008a18957
111  JWA TaylorEngland Lions v Sri Lanka A2011a21471
110  SD StubbingsDerbyshire v Northamptonshire2006a17488
109  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire1990a6701
109*ME TrescothickSomerset v Northamptonshire2001a13445
108  G CookNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire1987a5224
108  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Essex1991a7159
108*AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Lancashire1992a7544
108  A FordhamNorthamptonshire v Scotland1995a9236
108*MB LoyeNorthamptonshire v Middlesex1998a11243
108*U AfzaalNorthamptonshire v Durham2006a17548
108  P MustardDurham v Northamptonshire2007a18233
108*JEC FranklinGloucestershire v Northamptonshire2010a20755
108  JWA TaylorNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire2013a22601
107  ML HaydenNorthamptonshire v Essex1999a12006
107  PA JaquesNorthamptonshire v Lancashire2003a15332
106  AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1986a4827
106*RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Surrey1989a6075
105  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Scotland1985a4415
105  PW RomainesGloucestershire v Northamptonshire1985a4467
105*RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Kent1996a9875
105  CG TaylorGloucestershire v Northamptonshire2010a20755
105*KJ CoetzerNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire2013a22704
104  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Lancashire1990a6684
104*NJ AdamsCambridgeshire v Northamptonshire1992a7619
104  DE PaynterNorthamptonshire Cricket Board v Northamptonshire2001a13571
104  DJG SalesNorthamptonshire v Pakistanis2003a15159
104*MB LoyeLancashire v Northamptonshire2003a15332
104  BM ShafayatNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire2007a18201
104*AJ HallNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2009a19916
104  DS SmithWest Indies A v India A2010a20629
103  RT VirginSomerset v Northamptonshire1970a334
103  MA LynchSurrey v Northamptonshire1984a4121
103*SD PetersNorthamptonshire v Ireland2008a18972
102*A ClarksonSomerset v Northamptonshire1969a224
102*RB KanhaiWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1974a1160
102  W LarkinsNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire1983a3688
102  JW CookNorthamptonshire v Lancashire2002a14394
102  WI JeffersonEssex v Northamptonshire2002a14562
102  M van JaarsveldNorthamptonshire v New Zealanders2004a15945
101  DJ CapelNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire1990a6640
101  A FordhamNorthamptonshire v Australians1993a8040
101  NV KnightWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2001a13435
101  KJ BarnettGloucestershire v Northamptonshire2001a13477
101*DR MartynAustralians v Northamptonshire2001a13518
101  RA WhiteNorthamptonshire v Glamorgan2004a15985
100  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1991a7039
100  ME WaughEssex v Northamptonshire1992a7527
100*RJ WarrenNorthamptonshire v Ireland1994a8684
100  CJ AdamsSussex v Northamptonshire2000a12820
100  PJ HortonLancashire v Northamptonshire2009a19760





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