Old Trafford, Manchester - Centuries in Test cricket

311  RB SimpsonAustralia v England1964t564
256  KF BarringtonEngland v Australia1964t564
223  CG GreenidgeWest Indies v England1984t992
210  G KirstenSouth Africa v England1998t1420
205  Aamer SohailPakistan v England1992t1191
191  WJ EdrichEngland v South Africa1947t287
187  MJ ClarkeAustralia v England2013t2092
182  CC HunteWest Indies v England1963t543
179  M AzharuddinIndia v England1990t1149
174  ER DexterEngland v Australia1964t564
169*GA HeadleyWest Indies v England1933t228
167  WR HammondEngland v India1936t253
166  RT RobinsonEngland v Pakistan1987t1075
166  MP VaughanEngland v Australia2005t1760
164  AJ StewartEngland v South Africa1998t1420
161  GS SobersWest Indies v England1966t605
160  MW GattingEngland v Australia1985t1020
158  DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1955t410
156  RT PontingAustralia v England2005t1760
154*KS RanjitsinhjiEngland v Australia1896t51
154  FE WoolleyEngland v South Africa1929t184
154*LRPL TaylorNew Zealand v England2008t1876
153  M LeylandEngland v Australia1934t235
146*AR BorderAustralia v England1985t1020
145*DCS ComptonEngland v Australia1948t301
145  BC LaraWest Indies v England1995t1301
143  RA SmithEngland v Australia1989t1124
138  GP ThorpeEngland v Pakistan2001t1547
137  SJ McCabeAustralia v England1934t235
137  RA WoolmerEngland v Australia1977t805
135  CC HunteWest Indies v England1966t605
135  IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1976t779
134  CG GreenidgeWest Indies v England1976t779
133  GA GoochEngland v Australia1993t1223
132  EH HendrenEngland v Australia1934t235
132  JH KallisSouth Africa v England1998t1420
131  G PullarEngland v India1959t477
131  MA AthertonEngland v India1990t1149
130  TW HaywardEngland v Australia1899t63
129*SM PatilIndia v England1982t929
128  FS JacksonEngland v Australia1902t73
128  G BoycottEngland v West Indies1969t653
128  IT BothamEngland v India1982t929
128*RC RussellEngland v Australia1989t1124
128  IR BellEngland v Bangladesh2010t1959
127  DR JardineEngland v West Indies1933t228
127  AN CookEngland v Pakistan2006t1811
124  KG ViljoenSouth Africa v England1935t245
124  MA TaylorAustralia v England1993t1223
123*KWR FletcherEngland v India1974t739
123*AR BorderAustralia v England1981t907
123  MA ButcherEngland v Sri Lanka2002t1606
123  AJ StewartEngland v Sri Lanka2002t1606
122*GA FaulknerSouth Africa v Australia1912t121
122  RN HarveyAustralia v England1953t374
121  W BardsleyAustralia v South Africa1912t121
121*RA SmithEngland v India1990t1149
120  MP VaughanEngland v Pakistan2001t1547
119*SR TendulkarIndia v England1990t1149
118  PR UmrigarIndia v England1959t477
118  IT BothamEngland v Australia1981t907
117  WM WoodfullAustralia v England1926t166
117  PBH MayEngland v South Africa1955t410
117  ME TrescothickEngland v Pakistan2001t1547
116  GA GoochEngland v India1990t1149
116  SR WaughAustralia v England1997t1372
116*S ChanderpaulWest Indies v England2007t1835
115  DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1947t287
115  AD NourseSouth Africa v England1947t287
115  MD CroweNew Zealand v England1994t1262
114  C KellewayAustralia v South Africa1912t121
114  VM MerchantIndia v England1936t253
114  GN YallopAustralia v England1981t907
114  Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistan v England2001t1547
114  GP ThorpeEngland v West Indies2004t1711
113  FS JacksonEngland v Australia1905t86
113  RES WyattEngland v South Africa1929t184
113  JHB WaiteSouth Africa v England1955t410
113  DS SheppardEngland v Australia1956t428
113  KP PietersenEngland v Australia2013t2092
112  S Mushtaq AliIndia v England1936t253
112  AA BaigIndia v England1959t477
112  GS ChappellAustralia v England1977t805
112  BC LaraWest Indies v England2000t1506
111  MA AthertonEngland v New Zealand1994t1262
109  CG MacartneyAustralia v England1926t166
109*H SutcliffeEngland v New Zealand1931t211
109  RA McLeanSouth Africa v England1960t495
109  AJ LambEngland v India1990t1149
109  RP ArnoldSri Lanka v England2002t1606
108  FA IredaleAustralia v England1896t51
108  RWV RobinsEngland v South Africa1935t245
108  PL WinslowSouth Africa v England1955t410
108  SR WaughAustralia v England1997t1372
108  Tamim IqbalBangladesh v England2010t1959
107  R IllingworthEngland v India1971t691
107*CD McMillanNew Zealand v England1999t1457
106  WM LawryAustralia v England1964t564
106  AJ StraussEngland v Australia2005t1760
106*IR BellEngland v Pakistan2006t1811
106  AN CookEngland v West Indies2007t1835
106  AJ StraussEngland v New Zealand2008t1876
105  IM BarrowWest Indies v England1933t228
105  AJ StewartEngland v West Indies2000t1506
104  VT TrumperAustralia v England1902t73
104  TG EvansEngland v West Indies1950t323
104  L HuttonEngland v India1952t353
104*DJ McGlewSouth Africa v England1955t410
104  PE RichardsonEngland v Australia1956t428
103  RT SimpsonEngland v New Zealand1949t316
102*W GunnEngland v Australia1893t41
102  WM LawryAustralia v England1961t510
102*IA HealyAustralia v England1993t1223
101  CAG RussellEngland v Australia1921t143
101  B SutcliffeNew Zealand v England1949t316
101  PBH MayEngland v New Zealand1958t457
101  BW LuckhurstEngland v India1971t691
101  SM GavaskarIndia v England1974t739
101  CG GreenidgeWest Indies v England1976t779
101  CH LloydWest Indies v England1980t882
101  PJL DujonWest Indies v England1984t992
101  NJ AstleNew Zealand v England1999t1457
100  L HuttonEngland v New Zealand1937t261
100  MJK SmithEngland v India1959t477
100*JH EdrichEngland v India1974t739
100*AJ LambEngland v West Indies1984t992





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