Mote Park, Maidstone - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4CA AbsolomDerbyshire v Kent1878f2150
4CH GunasekaraKent v Middlesex1919f9450
4EH HendrenKent v Middlesex1931f13592
4A TownsendKent v Warwickshire1952f19707
4MJ EdwardsKent v Surrey1967f26882
4BL ReedKent v Hampshire1969f27839
4RDV KnightKent v Surrey1980f33137
4NR TaylorSomerset v Kent1983f34702
4CS CowdreySussex v Kent1988f37686
4NV KnightKent v Warwickshire1999f44465
3RP CarpenterKent v Cambridgeshire1863f1221
3W Foord-KelceyYorkshire v Kent1881f2414
3GG HearneYorkshire v Kent1881f2414
3HW Renny-TailyourSussex v Kent1881f2421
3MC KempSurrey v Kent1882f2533
3R AbelKent v Surrey1882f2533
3AM Streatfeild-MooreMiddlesex v Kent1885f2952
3A HearneNottinghamshire v Kent1887f3196
3A HearneYorkshire v Kent1889f3396
3A HearneGloucestershire v Kent1890f3470
3A HearneGloucestershire v Kent1893f3858
3FL BowleyKent v Worcestershire1904f6343
3CHB MarshamDerbyshire v Kent1907f7243
3J SeymourDerbyshire v Kent1907f7243
3J SeymourNorthamptonshire v Kent1910f8042
3GHT Simpson-HaywardKent v Worcestershire1911f8332
3J SeymourMiddlesex v Kent1912f8618
3EH HendrenKent v Middlesex1912f8618
3LHW TroughtonMiddlesex v Kent1914f9198
3J SeymourYorkshire v Kent1924f10959
3CJ CapesDerbyshire v Kent1928f12437
3EJ StephensKent v Gloucestershire1930f13215
3APF ChapmanLeicestershire v Kent1931f13602
3KS DuleepsinhjiKent v Sussex1932f13963
3JG LangridgeKent v Sussex1932f13963
3BH ValentineYorkshire v Kent1934f14710
3WH AshdownSussex v Kent1934f14718
3WR HammondKent v Gloucestershire1939f16614
3NS Mitchell-InnesKent v Somerset1947f17640
3AE FaggEssex v Kent1950f18842
3AE FaggGloucestershire v Kent1950f18848
3A BrownGloucestershire v Kent1957f21861
3SE LearyLeicestershire v Kent1962f24333
3JM ProdgerLancashire v Kent1963f24830
3BEA EdmeadesKent v Essex1965f25847
3AGE EalhamHampshire v Kent1967f26875
3MH DennessEssex v Kent1968f27346
3GS SobersKent v Nottinghamshire1971f28800
3GR CassKent v Worcestershire1975f30606
3GW JohnsonSussex v Kent1975f30611
3Mushtaq MohammadKent v Northamptonshire1976f31091
3BA RichardsKent v Hampshire1976f31147
3GRJ RoopeKent v Surrey1977f31642
3B DudlestonKent v Leicestershire1979f32644
3K ShuttleworthKent v Leicestershire1979f32644
3JH HampshireKent v Derbyshire1984f35282
3IVA RichardsKent v Somerset1986f36436
3DG AslettSomerset v Kent1986f36436
3CS CowdreySussex v Kent1988f37686
3NR TaylorNorthamptonshire v Kent1989f38174
3GD LloydKent v Lancashire1992f40008
3SP TitchardKent v Lancashire1992f40008
3FA GriffithKent v Derbyshire1995f41814





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