Prince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4A ShawYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1872f1706
4ID WalkerOxford University v Middlesex1873f1752
4VE WalkerSurrey v Middlesex1873f1777
4W OscroftMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1876f1970
3H EnfieldYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1872f1706
3J RowbothamNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1872f1706
3A GreenwoodSouth v North1873f1733
3A ShawGentlemen of the South v Players of the North1873f1744
3W LawMiddlesex v Oxford University1873f1752
3HW Renny-TailyourPlayers v Gentlemen1873f1766
3A HillSouth v North1874f1805
3A ShawGentlemen v Players1874f1834
3GF GraceNorth v South1875f1869
3A GreenwoodGentlemen of the South v Players of the North1875f1900
3WR GilbertPlayers v Gentlemen1875f1902
3WG GraceNorth v South1876f1944
3CE CottrellOxford University v Middlesex1876f1958
3W OscroftSouth v North1877f2026
3WG GraceNorth v South1877f2026
3EM GraceAustralians v Gentlemen of England1878f2121





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