Kennington Oval, Kennington - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

366  NH FairbrotherLancashire v Surrey1990f38693
364  L HuttonEngland v Australia1938f16328
357*R AbelSurrey v Somerset1899f5093
355*KP PietersenSurrey v Leicestershire2015f56389
338  WW ReadSurrey v Oxford University1888f3273
315*TW HaywardSurrey v Lancashire1898f5001
312*WW KeetonNottinghamshire v Middlesex1939f16615
311*HM AmlaSouth Africa v England2012f54094
306*A DucatSurrey v Oxford University1919f9394
301*MR RamprakashSurrey v Northamptonshire2006f49476
300  R Subba RowNorthamptonshire v Surrey1958f22229
294*DM WardSurrey v Derbyshire1994f41092
292*A SandhamSurrey v Northamptonshire1921f9911
292  MR RamprakashSurrey v Gloucestershire2006f49365
291  IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1976f31213
291  IA GreigSurrey v Lancashire1990f38693
280*RG DuckfieldGlamorgan v Surrey1936f15375
277*TF ShepherdSurrey v Gloucestershire1927f11892
276  EG HayesSurrey v Hampshire1909f7628
274  MR RamprakashSurrey v Leicestershire2009f51676
273  TW HaywardSurrey v Yorkshire1899f5216
271*AJ StewartSurrey v Yorkshire1997f43115
268  WG GraceSouth v North1871f1655
266  WH PonsfordAustralia v England1934f14771
261  JB HobbsSurrey v Oxford University1926f11613
260  Javed MiandadPakistan v England1987f37122
255*WG QuaifeWarwickshire v Surrey1905f6577
255  JF ParkerSurrey v New Zealanders1949f18349
252*DG BradmanAustralians v Surrey1930f13075
252  MR RamprakashSurrey v Middlesex2005f48825
250  R AbelSurrey v Warwickshire1897f4642
248  MR RamprakashSurrey v Northamptonshire2010f52492
247  R AbelPlayers v Gentlemen1901f5629
246  DCS ComptonMiddlesex v The Rest1947f17743
244*WW ReadSurrey v Cambridge University1887f3141
244  PF WarnerThe Rest v Warwickshire1911f8419
244  DG BradmanAustralia v England1934f14771
244  JWM DalrympleMiddlesex v Surrey2004f47984
243  RJ GregorySurrey v Somerset1938f16080
242  DP SibleySurrey v Yorkshire2013f54979
240  SJ McCabeAustralians v Surrey1934f14578
240  Zaheer AbbasPakistan v England1974f30267
239  A SandhamSurrey v Glamorgan1937f15769
238  SP FlemingNottinghamshire v Surrey2005f48660
236*W GunnNottinghamshire v Surrey1898f4973
236  GE TyldesleyLancashire v Surrey1923f10636
236  HS SquiresSurrey v Lancashire1933f14342
235  A DucatSurrey v Leicestershire1926f11766
235  IR BellEngland v India2011f53327
234  C BaldwinSurrey v Kent1897f4748
234  TF ShepherdSurrey v Cambridge University1930f13155
233*HT BarlingSurrey v Nottinghamshire1946f17271
232*GH HirstYorkshire v Surrey1905f6691
232  JN CrawfordSurrey v Somerset1908f7407
232  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Surrey1922f10378
232  DG BradmanAustralia v England1930f13281
232  ED WeekesWest Indians v Surrey1950f18662
231  R AbelSurrey v Essex1896f4406
231  JL BryanCambridge University v Surrey1921f9927
230  A SandhamSurrey v Essex1927f11918
229  FE WoolleyKent v Surrey1935f15094
228  E WainwrightYorkshire v Surrey1899f5216
227*MJ StewartSurrey v Middlesex1964f25399
226  JB HobbsSurrey v Nottinghamshire1914f9221
226*JH EdrichSurrey v Middlesex1967f26851
225  W BrockwellSurrey v Hampshire1897f4774
225  HW LeeMiddlesex v Surrey1929f12872
224*WG GraceEngland v Surrey1866f1395
224  RH SpoonerLancashire v Surrey1911f8356
223  MR RamprakashSurrey v Middlesex2010f52434
222  GP ThorpeSurrey v Glamorgan1997f43231
221  R AbelSurrey v Worcestershire1900f5308
221  JB HobbsSurrey v West Indians1933f14198
221  SM GavaskarIndia v England1979f32737
221  TE JestySurrey v Essex1986f36474
219  R AbelSurrey v Kent1898f4994
219  TW HaywardSurrey v Northamptonshire1906f6827
219  A SandhamSurrey v Australians1934f14578
219  ME TrescothickEngland v South Africa2003f47412
219  SA NewmanSurrey v Glamorgan2005f48671
218  EG HayesSurrey v Oxford University1906f6910
218  Younis KhanPakistan v England2016f57205
217  R AbelSurrey v Essex1895f4202
217  FL FaneEssex v Surrey1911f8220
217  REH HudsonArmy v Royal Air Force1932f13915
217  WR HammondEngland v India1936f15533
217  RS DravidIndia v England2002f46748
216*Zaheer AbbasGloucestershire v Surrey1976f31112
216  GP ThorpeSurrey v Somerset1992f40126
215  WG GraceGentlemen v Players1870f1588
215  R AbelSurrey v Nottinghamshire1897f4764
215  JB HobbsThe Rest v Middlesex1920f9774
215  AD BrownSurrey v Leicestershire2006f49412
214  BJT BosanquetThe Rest v Yorkshire1908f7588
213  DLA JephsonSurrey v Derbyshire1900f5484
213  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v England1998f43845
212  TF ShepherdSurrey v Lancashire1921f10004
212  FR BrownSurrey v Middlesex1932f14015
211  WL MurdochAustralia v England1884f2807
210  JT TyldesleyLancashire v Surrey1913f8870
210  AV AveryEssex v Surrey1946f17189
210  HS SquiresSurrey v Derbyshire1949f18288
210  LB FishlockSurrey v Somerset1949f18409
210*MR RamprakashSurrey v Warwickshire2002f46680
210  AN PetersenGlamorgan v Surrey2011f53247
209*A SandhamSurrey v Somerset1921f10020
208  TW HaywardSurrey v Warwickshire1906f6939
208  AH DysonGlamorgan v Surrey1932f13957
208  IT BothamEngland v India1982f34152
208  DM WardSurrey v Essex1990f38917
208  AJ HollioakeSurrey v Leicestershire2002f46765
208  LWP WellsSussex v Surrey2013f54815
207  A ShrewsburyNottinghamshire v Surrey1882f2548
207  PBH MaySurrey v Cambridge University1954f20492
207  KF BarringtonSurrey v Nottinghamshire1964f25406
207*JWA TaylorLeicestershire v Surrey2009f51676
206  L HuttonEngland v New Zealand1949f18473
206*AJ StewartSurrey v Essex1989f38136
205*R AbelSurrey v Middlesex1901f5717
205  JB HobbsSurrey v Hampshire1909f7628
205*JB HobbsSurrey v Australian Imperial Forces1919f9351
205*WR HammondGloucestershire v Surrey1928f12255
205*B ConstableSurrey v Somerset1952f19656
205  MR RamprakashSurrey v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2003f47252
205  MA ButcherSurrey v Yorkshire2008f50833
204  WE RollerSurrey v Sussex1885f2903
204  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Surrey1903f6243
204*TW HaywardSurrey v Warwickshire1909f7634
204  JB HobbsSurrey v Somerset1929f12811
204*JF ParkerSurrey v Derbyshire1947f17642
204  Majid KhanGlamorgan v Surrey1972f29308
204  BF SmithLeicestershire v Surrey1998f43868
204*Azhar MahmoodSurrey v Middlesex2005f48825
203  TW HaywardPlayers v Gentlemen1904f6399
203  A DucatSurrey v Sussex1920f9610
203  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Surrey1934f14760
203*NF HornerWarwickshire v Surrey1960f23315
203  DL AmissEngland v West Indies1976f31213
202  EG HayesSurrey v Middlesex1907f7268
202  TW HaywardSurrey v Derbyshire1911f8347
202  FE WoolleyThe Rest v Yorkshire1924f11080
202*L HuttonEngland v West Indies1950f18881
202*AW SmithSurrey v Oxford University1994f41136
202  A LythYorkshire v Surrey2016f57173
201*A JeacockeSurrey v Sussex1922f10201
201*A FlowerEssex v Surrey2003f47430
200  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Surrey1908f7510
200*HS SquiresSurrey v Cambridge University1931f13540
200*MJ StewartSurrey v Essex1962f24309
200  CJL RogersDerbyshire v Surrey2010f52373





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