Aigburth, Liverpool - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-33AS KennedyHampshire v Lancashire1920f9663
9-35H DeanLancashire v Warwickshire1909f7689
9-36W HuddlestonLancashire v Nottinghamshire1906f6856
9-51SC KerriganLancashire v Hampshire2011f53351
9-62H DeanLancashire v Yorkshire1913f8902
9-86AA MaileyAustralians v Lancashire1926f11665
8-25TG WassNottinghamshire v Lancashire1906f6856
8-27H DeanLancashire v Hampshire1914f9232
8-28JS HeapLancashire v Middlesex1913f8959
8-29H DeanLancashire v Yorkshire1913f8902
8-44TG WassNottinghamshire v Lancashire1906f6856
8-50J HallowsLancashire v Gloucestershire1904f6433
8-51LR PierreWest Indians v Lancashire1950f18792
8-62EA McDonaldAustralians v Lancashire1921f10033
8-64AW MoldLancashire v Warwickshire1895f4281
8-64SJ WhiteheadWarwickshire v Lancashire1895f4281
8-64CP BuckenhamEssex v Lancashire1909f7664
8-70J BriggsLancashire v Derbyshire1897f4669
8-75NA KnoxSurrey v Lancashire1905f6664
8-90CH ParkinLancashire v Hampshire1921f9876
8-106W BrearleyLancashire v Somerset1911f8241
7-6RK TyldesleyLancashire v Northamptonshire1924f11013
7-11TR McKibbinAustralians v Lancashire1896f4574
7-13JL HopwoodLancashire v Glamorgan1934f14646
7-22H DeanLancashire v South Africans1912f8652
7-22LW CookLancashire v Hampshire1920f9663
7-24RW McLeodAustralians v Liverpool and District1893f3941
7-25RJ HadleeNottinghamshire v Lancashire1981f33597
7-25Waqar YounisGlamorgan v Lancashire1997f43125
7-31J I'AnsonLancashire v Australians1899f5245
7-34CH ParkinLancashire v Leicestershire1914f9172
7-34SJ MagoffinSussex v Lancashire2012f53994
7-35R PeelYorkshire v Liverpool and District1890f3471
7-35EA McDonaldLancashire v Northamptonshire1924f11013
7-37MP SmethurstLancashire v New Zealand A2000f45153
7-39S SantallWarwickshire v Lancashire1898f4875
7-40R TattersallLancashire v Sussex1953f19961
7-41AW MoldLancashire v Middlesex1894f4039
7-42W HuddlestonLancashire v South Africans1912f8652
7-43RK TyldesleyLancashire v Sussex1925f11287
7-45JA YoungMiddlesex v Lancashire1955f20983
7-46H RichardsonLiverpool and District v Australians1888f3278
7-47WB RobertsLancashire v Somerset1948f17993
7-49GH LittlewoodLancashire v Australians1902f5986
7-49R PollardLancashire v Indians1946f17183
7-52RK TyldesleyLancashire v South Africans1929f12810
7-55W HuddlestonLancashire v Northamptonshire1911f8294
7-56H GrayCambridge University v Liverpool and District1894f4077
7-57AL ValentineWest Indians v Lancashire1950f18792
7-59E SmithLiverpool and District v Yorkshire1891f3615
7-59WT GreensmithEssex v Lancashire1962f24257
7-60ED BarrattSurrey v Lancashire1884f2786
7-63J BriggsLancashire v Australians1896f4574
7-65CH ParkinLancashire v Leicestershire1914f9172
7-65MJ HiltonLancashire v Middlesex1955f20983
7-69R PeelYorkshire v Liverpool and District1889f3362
7-71OW HermanHampshire v Lancashire1936f15370
7-71LA ProcterLancashire v Surrey2012f54161
7-72J CrosslandLiverpool and District v Australians1882f2539
7-80GJ ThompsonNorthamptonshire v Lancashire1911f8294
7-83JE WalshLeicestershire v Lancashire1952f19708
7-84AW MoldLancashire v Somerset1893f3921
7-95AG SteelLancashire v Surrey1886f3024
7-95WS LeesSurrey v Lancashire1905f6664
7-96TL PritchardWarwickshire v Lancashire1949f18304
7-101TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Lancashire1932f14057
7-117RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Lancashire1905f6574
7-123W BrearleyLancashire v Middlesex1908f7543





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