Aigburth, Liverpool - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

22Glamorgan v Lancashire1924f10817
28Lancashire v Australians1896f4574
29Sussex v Lancashire1907f7174
33Gloucestershire v Lancashire1888f3297
33Somerset v Lancashire1908f7449
37Lancashire v Nottinghamshire1907f7295
40Somerset v Lancashire1900f5384
44South Africans v Lancashire1912f8652
45Liverpool and District v Yorkshire1889f3362
48Nottinghamshire v Lancashire1906f6856
49Lancashire v Glamorgan1924f10817
51Lancashire v Glamorgan1997f43125
52Nottinghamshire v Lancashire1906f6856
53Lancashire v Derbyshire1897f4669
54Liverpool and District v Australians1884f2767
56Gloucestershire v Lancashire1888f3297
57Lancashire v Hampshire1920f9663
58Oxford University v Lancashire1887f3139
58Lancashire v Nottinghamshire1906f6856
59Essex v Lancashire1931f13417
62Lancashire v Australians1896f4574
62Glamorgan v Lancashire1934f14646
64Warwickshire v Lancashire1909f7689
64Hampshire v Lancashire1920f9663
66Somerset v Lancashire1911f8241
69Liverpool and District v Australians1888f3278
69Yorkshire v Liverpool and District1892f3760
70Liverpool and District v Australians1888f3278
71Lancashire v Cambridge University1881f2390
72Hampshire v Lancashire1951f19263
72Nottinghamshire v Lancashire1977f31670
73Lancashire v Gloucestershire1889f3403
73Yorkshire v Lancashire1913f8902
74Hampshire v Lancashire1914f9232
76Liverpool and District v Australians1893f3941
78Liverpool and District v Yorkshire1890f3471
78Sussex v Lancashire1907f7174
79Yorkshire v Lancashire1958f22446
80Liverpool and District v Nottinghamshire1889f3397
81Essex v Lancashire1954f20476
82Lancashire v Nottinghamshire1907f7295
83Essex v Lancashire1909f7664
83Lancashire v Derbyshire1922f10359
84Warwickshire v Lancashire1909f7689
84Lancashire v Durham2011f53272
85Liverpool and District v Australians1893f3941
86Nottinghamshire v Lancashire1956f21431
87Liverpool and District v Cambridge University1894f4077
87Australians v Lancashire1909f7800
89Gloucestershire v Lancashire1889f3403
90Essex v Lancashire1910f7937
90Lancashire v Derbyshire1938f16084
92Lancashire v Yorkshire1913f8902
92Kent v Lancashire2008f50960
93Lancashire v Nottinghamshire1882f2529
94Lancashire v Warwickshire1898f4875
94Australians v Lancashire1912f8595
94Lancashire v Derbyshire1986f36425
95Surrey v Lancashire1884f2786
95Hampshire v Lancashire2000f45145
96Lancashire v Sussex1955f20948
97Lancashire v Gloucestershire1888f3297
97Northamptonshire v Lancashire1924f11013
97Worcestershire v Lancashire1925f11173
97Sussex v Lancashire1953f19961
98Gloucestershire v Lancashire1926f11591
99Lancashire v Middlesex1894f4039
99Derbyshire v Lancashire1897f4669
99Glamorgan v Lancashire1966f26296





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