Grace Road, Leicester - Centuries in List A matches

201  VJ WellsLeicestershire v Berkshire1996a9918
201*RS BoparaEssex v Leicestershire2008a19028
158  Zaheer AbbasGloucestershire v Leicestershire1983a3766
157*AD BrownSurrey v Leicestershire1997a10530
156  DI GowerLeicestershire v Derbyshire1984a4135
154  P WilleyLeicestershire v Hampshire1987a5326
151  DL MaddyLeicestershire v Minor Counties1998a11164
148  C WhiteYorkshire v Leicestershire1997a10597
145  JE MorrisDurham v Leicestershire1996a9854
145  CL HooperKent v Leicestershire1996a9886
141  J du ToitLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire2010a20542
140  PV SimmonsLeicestershire v Middlesex1994a8669
139  PV SimmonsLeicestershire v Kent1996a9886
138*DI GowerLeicestershire v Gloucestershire1983a3766
136*DL MaddyLeicestershire v Lancashire1998a11133
135*DI GowerLeicestershire v Warwickshire1977a2049
135*GP SmithLeicestershire v Somerset2013a22639
132*PR StirlingMiddlesex v Leicestershire2013a22659
132  MS LinekerUnicorns v Leicestershire2013a22782
131*Zaheer AbbasGloucestershire v Leicestershire1975a1508
131  JJ RoySurrey v Leicestershire2011a21480
130  JJ CobbLeicestershire v Somerset2013a22639
127  TR WardLeicestershire v Durham2002a14248
126*RR MontgomerieSussex v Leicestershire2002a14356
125  B DudlestonLeicestershire v Worcestershire1979a2486
124*MW GattingMiddlesex v Leicestershire1990a6593
121*DI GowerLeicestershire v Ireland1986a4904
120*DL MaddyLeicestershire v Surrey1998a11225
119  KS McEwanEssex v Leicestershire1980a2739
118  CWJ AtheyYorkshire v Leicestershire1978a2186
118  MJ FosterYorkshire v Leicestershire1993a8208
118*HD AckermanLeicestershire v Ireland2009a19777
118  PD TregoSomerset v Leicestershire2013a22639
117*DI GowerLeicestershire v Hertfordshire1977a1978
117  JJ WhitakerLeicestershire v Glamorgan1993a8178
115  DL AmissWarwickshire v Leicestershire1984a4011
115  RR SarwanLeicestershire v Netherlands2012a21998
114*DI GowerLeicestershire v Warwickshire1985a4530
114  CA PujaraIndia A v West Indies A2010a20636
113*JC BalderstoneLeicestershire v Gloucestershire1981a2927
113  MG BevanLeicestershire v Durham2002a14248
113*JL SadlerLeicestershire v Derbyshire2007a18269
112  L PotterLeicestershire v Minor Counties1986a4844
112  TR WardLeicestershire v Sussex2002a14356
111  CG GreenidgeHampshire v Leicestershire1975a1460
111  Sadiq MohammadGloucestershire v Leicestershire1975a1508
111*BF DavisonLeicestershire v Sri Lankans1979a2390
111  AR ButcherSurrey v Leicestershire1983a3826
111*HK BadaniIndia A v Leicestershire2003a15192
109  MW GattingMiddlesex v Leicestershire1984a4179
109  MTG ElliottYorkshire v Leicestershire2002a14466
109*JK MaundersLeicestershire v Derbyshire2007a18269
108*MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Leicestershire1992a7526
108*JM DakinLeicestershire v Durham1996a9854
108  HM HallBerkshire v Leicestershire1996a9918
108  MJ Di VenutoDerbyshire v Leicestershire2001a13465
108*Saleem ElahiPakistanis v Leicestershire2001a13504
108  EJH EckersleyLeicestershire v Yorkshire2013a22749
107*Javed MiandadGlamorgan v Leicestershire1981a2989
107  DI GowerLeicestershire v Warwickshire1982a3376
107*PV SimmonsLeicestershire v Staffordshire1998a11256
107  ML HaydenAustralians v Leicestershire2005a16662
107  JJ CobbLeicestershire v Gloucestershire2013a22596
106*AJ LambNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1983a3639
105  BA RichardsHampshire v Leicestershire1972a790
105*LRD MendisSri Lankans v Leicestershire1979a2390
105  L PotterLeicestershire v Derbyshire1986a4805
105  BF SmithLeicestershire v Pakistanis2001a13504
105*SC MooreWorcestershire v Leicestershire2006a17564
105*WL MadsenDerbyshire v Leicestershire2014a23422
104  AW StovoldGloucestershire v Leicestershire1977a1891
104  JER GallianLancashire v Leicestershire1997a10543
104*IJ SutcliffeLeicestershire v Somerset2002a14540
104  NJ O'BrienLeicestershire v Gloucestershire2013a22596
103*IP ButcherLeicestershire v Minor Counties1986a4844
103  TJ BoonLeicestershire v Scotland1991a7003
103  ML HaydenYoung Australia v Leicestershire1995a9362
103  A FlowerEssex v Leicestershire2003a15248
103  HD AckermanLeicestershire v Ireland2008a18966
103*JWA TaylorLeicestershire v Warwickshire2010a20677
102  P WilleyNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1976a1733
102*NV KnightWarwickshire v Leicestershire1999a11968
102  MR SwartNetherlands v Leicestershire2012a21998
101*JC BalderstoneLeicestershire v Hampshire1975a1460
101*J BirkenshawLeicestershire v Hampshire1976a1748
101*CEB RiceNottinghamshire v Leicestershire1981a3059
101*NE BriersLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1983a3795
101*SJ O'ShaughnessyLancashire v Leicestershire1984a4169
101  IP ButcherLeicestershire v Yorkshire1985a4390
101  P WilleyLeicestershire v Ireland1986a4904
101  VJ WellsLeicestershire v Middlesex1994a8669
101  DL MaddyLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1997a10459
101*DI StevensLeicestershire v India A2003a15192
101  NM CarterWarwickshire v Leicestershire2010a20677
100*JC BalderstoneLeicestershire v Worcestershire1976a1660
100  Younis AhmedWorcestershire v Leicestershire1979a2502
100  DI GowerLeicestershire v Derbyshire1982a3269
100  RR SarwanLeicestershire v Worcestershire2012a22035





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