Headingley, Leeds - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-10H VerityYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1932f13952
10-36H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1931f13430
9-22R PeelYorkshire v Somerset1895f4307
9-23GH HirstYorkshire v Lancashire1910f7931
9-25S HaighYorkshire v Gloucestershire1912f8558
9-43H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1937f15908
9-57FA TarrantMiddlesex v Yorkshire1906f7006
8-18WC HedleySomerset v Yorkshire1895f4307
8-19J BriggsLancashire v Yorkshire1893f3888
8-20R IllingworthYorkshire v Worcestershire1965f25750
8-28H VerityYorkshire v Leicestershire1935f15003
8-29PG NewmanDerbyshire v Yorkshire1988f37506
8-31A CoxonYorkshire v Worcestershire1946f17244
8-34A WaddingtonYorkshire v Northamptonshire1922f10180
8-35CM WellsMiddlesex v Yorkshire1900f5453
8-35EP RobinsonYorkshire v Lancashire1939f16667
8-39W RhodesYorkshire v Sussex1920f9733
8-39A WaddingtonYorkshire v Kent1922f10261
8-41DB CloseYorkshire v Kent1959f22898
8-43R TattersallLancashire v Yorkshire1956f21285
8-43DB CloseYorkshire v Essex1960f23362
8-43RGD WillisEngland v Australia1981f33641
8-47MW BoothYorkshire v Middlesex1912f8677
8-49JK LeverEssex v Yorkshire1981f33559
8-52JT RawlinMiddlesex v Yorkshire1892f3767
8-54JD BannisterWarwickshire v Yorkshire1954f20422
8-57GB StevensonYorkshire v Northamptonshire1980f33228
8-59C BlytheEngland v South Africa1907f7240
8-60DG WrightNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2005f48661
8-65GB StevensonYorkshire v Lancashire1978f32061
8-70GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1892f3745
8-83EJ SpryGloucestershire v Yorkshire1902f5918
8-99T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1897f4701
8-102DM CousinsNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2001f45864
8-107NA FosterEngland v Pakistan1987f37066
8-118PM SuchEssex v Yorkshire1996f42561
8-121S RamadhinLancashire v Yorkshire1964f25410
7-13AE TrottMiddlesex v Yorkshire1898f4996
7-17S HaighYorkshire v Surrey1897f4701
7-17GG MacaulayYorkshire v Worcestershire1927f11910
7-18GH HirstYorkshire v Leicestershire1906f6848
7-19W RhodesYorkshire v Derbyshire1914f9117
7-20S HaighYorkshire v Sussex1911f8348
7-22JC TredwellKent v Yorkshire2010f52568
7-24GG MacaulayYorkshire v Essex1931f13588
7-24TF SmailesYorkshire v Worcestershire1936f15515
7-25A LightfootNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1966f26375
7-27CA WalshGloucestershire v Yorkshire1992f39905
7-28GH HirstYorkshire v Worcestershire1910f8010
7-28D GoughYorkshire v Lancashire1995f41723
7-32S HaighYorkshire v Essex1909f7648
7-32AG NicholsonYorkshire v Lancashire1964f25410
7-33S HaighYorkshire v Middlesex1900f5453
7-33GH HirstYorkshire v Leicestershire1913f8839
7-34E WainwrightYorkshire v Gloucestershire1894f4093
7-34JH WardleYorkshire v Somerset1957f21719
7-35JJ FerrisAustralians v North1890f3563
7-35H VerityYorkshire v Northamptonshire1933f14310
7-36E JonesAustralians v Yorkshire1896f4465
7-36W RhodesYorkshire v Gloucestershire1902f5918
7-36GH HirstYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1903f6173
7-36D WilsonYorkshire v Middlesex1968f27300
7-37JDF LarterNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1965f25833
7-37JN GillespieAustralia v England1997f43172
7-37RJ SidebottomYorkshire v Somerset2011f53354
7-38FD StephensonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1989f38067
7-38PM HutchisonYorkshire v Pakistan A1997f43193
7-39RA HuttonYorkshire v Somerset1969f27898
7-40C BlytheEngland v South Africa1907f7240
7-40FA TarrantMiddlesex v Yorkshire1912f8677
7-40TE BaileyEssex v Yorkshire1960f23362
7-40JS WaringYorkshire v Lancashire1966f26263
7-40GS ChappellSomerset v Yorkshire1969f27898
7-40Imran KhanPakistan v England1987f37066
7-41EP RobinsonYorkshire v Worcestershire1946f17244
7-42FS JacksonYorkshire v Middlesex1898f4996
7-43R PeelYorkshire v Surrey1892f3745
7-44J BriggsNorth v Australians1890f3563
7-45W RhodesYorkshire v Northamptonshire1913f8898
7-45EP RobinsonYorkshire v Gloucestershire1937f15725
7-45JE LeeLeeds/Bradford Marylebone Cricket Club University v Yorkshire2013f54785
7-46R AspinallYorkshire v Somerset1949f18248
7-47AW HiltonSussex v Yorkshire1893f3865
7-49S HaighYorkshire v Warwickshire1896f4497
7-49AG NicholsonYorkshire v Lancashire1972f29161
7-49MJ HoggardYorkshire v Somerset2003f47411
7-50GM HamiltonYorkshire v Surrey1998f43853
7-50SP KirbyYorkshire v Kent2001f45884
7-51GH HirstYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1908f7486
7-51GAR LockEngland v New Zealand1958f22301
7-52GGM WiltshireGloucestershire v Yorkshire1958f22267
7-52BJ GriffithsNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1980f33228
7-53HL JacksonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1958f22418
7-53MD MarshallWest Indies v England1984f35287
7-55R PeelYorkshire v Sussex1893f3865
7-55T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1897f4701
7-55HL JacksonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1956f21372
7-55PW JarvisYorkshire v Surrey1986f36470
7-57T JayesLeicestershire v Yorkshire1910f8084
7-58CG MacartneyAustralia v England1909f7735
7-58J WoodDurham v Yorkshire1999f44415
7-61K ShuttleworthLancashire v Yorkshire1974f30116
7-62Naved-ul-HasanSussex v Yorkshire2006f49366
7-64MW BoothYorkshire v Northamptonshire1913f8898
7-64EJ BarlowRest of the World XI v England1970f28332
7-66JH WardleYorkshire v Middlesex1947f17590
7-70FMM WorrellWest Indies v England1957f21891
7-72MS NicholsEssex v Yorkshire1927f12052
7-74BL CairnsNew Zealand v England1983f34725
7-76J BirkenshawYorkshire v Middlesex1960f23281
7-76GD McGrathAustralia v England2001f45986
7-77MW BoothYorkshire v Lancashire1913f8943
7-77PJ SainsburyHampshire v Yorkshire1963f24748
7-82CF RootWorcestershire v Yorkshire1927f11910
7-82PW JarvisYorkshire v Gloucestershire1987f37162
7-82JE EmbureyMiddlesex v Yorkshire1995f41888
7-85TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Yorkshire1937f15725
7-90JN CrawfordSurrey v Yorkshire1905f6738
7-93TG WassNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1908f7486
7-93CEW SilverwoodYorkshire v Kent1997f43242
7-95GH HirstYorkshire v Middlesex1909f7823
7-97RJ SidebottomYorkshire v Derbyshire2003f47282
7-98RD JackmanSurrey v Yorkshire1967f26812
7-99JH ParksSussex v Yorkshire1932f13902
7-99G KeedySurrey v Yorkshire2013f54885
7-101AW HallamNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1903f6173
7-115AP FreemanEngland v South Africa1929f12798
7-119JH WardleYorkshire v Surrey1952f19772





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