Headingley, Leeds - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

23Australians v Yorkshire1902f5827
33Yorkshire v Lancashire1924f10877
34Leicestershire v Yorkshire1906f6848
36Hampshire v Yorkshire1904f6391
45Yorkshire v Middlesex1898f4996
46Yorkshire v Middlesex1892f3767
46Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1902f5918
46Worcestershire v Yorkshire1927f11910
47Middlesex v Yorkshire1963f24855
48Yorkshire v Australians1893f3911
50Worcestershire v Yorkshire1910f8010
53Yorkshire v Lancashire1893f3888
55Leicestershire v Yorkshire1935f15003
55Glamorgan v Yorkshire1964f25317
57Middlesex v Yorkshire1895f4345
57Lancashire v Yorkshire1966f26263
58West Indians v Yorkshire1928f12402
59Middlesex v Yorkshire1968f27300
61Sussex v Yorkshire1893f3865
61Yorkshire v Gloucestershire1894f4093
61Lancashire v Yorkshire1910f7931
61West Indies v England2000f45239
62Hampshire v Yorkshire1904f6391
63Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1903f6173
63Warwickshire v Yorkshire1933f14265
63Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1933f14310
64Somerset v Yorkshire1895f4307
64Yorkshire v Kent1919f9402
65Middlesex v Yorkshire1934f14633
66Kent v Yorkshire1903f6124
66Glamorgan v Yorkshire1951f19216
67Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1894f4093
67Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1932f13952
67New Zealand v England1958f22301
67Leicestershire v Yorkshire1977f31538
68Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1908f7486
68Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1912f8558
68Zimbabweans v Yorkshire2000f45131
69Somerset v Yorkshire1895f4307
69Surrey v Yorkshire1908f7389
69Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1922f10180
72Surrey v Yorkshire1902f5886
72Warwickshire v Yorkshire1931f13430
73Yorkshire v Somerset1895f4307
74Lancashire v Yorkshire1924f10877
75North v Australians1890f3563
75Surrey v Yorkshire1897f4701
75South Africa v England1907f7240
75Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1914f9195
75Worcestershire v Yorkshire1936f15515
75Surrey v Yorkshire1955f20925
76Middlesex v Yorkshire1900f5453
76England v South Africa1907f7240
77Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1937f15725
78Kent v Yorkshire1907f7142
78Derbyshire v Yorkshire1932f14018
79Middlesex v Yorkshire1903f6208
81Worcestershire v Yorkshire1927f11910
81Warwickshire v Yorkshire1988f37572
82Yorkshire v Gloucestershire1912f8558
82Leicestershire v Yorkshire1926f11519
82Kent v Yorkshire2000f45160
83Essex v Yorkshire1992f39969
84Somerset v Yorkshire1955f20841
84Warwickshire v Yorkshire1998f43861
85Yorkshire v Middlesex1947f17590
85Derbyshire v Yorkshire1963f24929
86Sussex v Yorkshire1935f14939
86Yorkshire v Essex1960f23362
86Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1989f38067
86Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire2011f53183
87Yorkshire v Surrey1892f3745
87Somerset v Yorkshire1901f5641
87England v Australia1909f7735
87Yorkshire v Surrey1911f8297
87Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1937f15725
88Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1922f10180
88Australia v Pakistan2010f52494
89Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1946f17316
89Warwickshire v Yorkshire2014f55635
90Yorkshire v Surrey1897f4701
90Surrey v Yorkshire1908f7389
90Essex v Yorkshire1909f7648
90Middlesex v Yorkshire1912f8677
90Derbyshire v Yorkshire1914f9117
90Kent v Yorkshire1933f14201
90Glamorgan v Yorkshire1951f19216
90Surrey v Yorkshire1967f26812
90Yorkshire v Surrey1973f29787
90Worcestershire v Yorkshire1999f44513
91Surrey v Yorkshire1905f6738
91Sri Lanka v England2016f57124
92Yorkshire v Middlesex1912f8677
92Lancashire v Yorkshire1939f16667
92Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1989f38067
93Somerset v Yorkshire1907f7184
93Yorkshire v Leicestershire1935f15003
93Yorkshire v Durham2003f47308
94North v Australians1890f3563
94Worcestershire v Yorkshire1936f15515
94Yorkshire v West Indians2000f45208
94Northamptonshire v Yorkshire2014f55607
95Yorkshire v Australians1893f3911
95Essex v Yorkshire1901f5594
95Leicestershire v Yorkshire1913f8839
95Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1923f10533
96Yorkshire v Middlesex1900f5453
96Yorkshire v Kent1912f8495
96Yorkshire v Lancashire1960f23236
96Yorkshire v Sussex2013f54794
97Essex v Yorkshire1901f5594
97Leicestershire v Yorkshire1913f8839
97Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1948f17954
98Yorkshire v Middlesex1957f21811
99Leicestershire v Yorkshire2001f45919





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