Chester Road North, Kidderminster - Centuries in first-class cricket

259  D KenyonWorcestershire v Yorkshire1956f21415
210*DJG SalesNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1996f42505
200*WE BatesGlamorgan v Worcestershire1927f12043
200  D BrookesNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1946f17207
191  E CooperWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1946f17207
189  SG LawEssex v Worcestershire2000f45232
185  PE RichardsonWorcestershire v Somerset1954f20530
183  AW ShipmanLeicestershire v Worcestershire1929f12874
182  NS Mitchell-InnesSomerset v Worcestershire1936f15557
182  D KenyonWorcestershire v Somerset1949f18401
178  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Essex1992f40044
173  GA HickWorcestershire v Derbyshire1993f40586
172*JH KallisMiddlesex v Worcestershire1997f43221
170  J SeymourKent v Worcestershire1922f10243
169  KJ BarnettDerbyshire v Worcestershire1995f41866
169  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1996f42505
168  KJ BarnettDerbyshire v Worcestershire1993f40586
168  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Derbyshire1995f41866
167  PA NealeWorcestershire v Sussex1988f37656
162  WGA ParkhouseGlamorgan v Worcestershire1950f18822
162  K TaylorYorkshire v Worcestershire1967f26753
155*JA OrmrodWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1970f28266
151  HTW HardingeKent v Worcestershire1922f10243
150  MK FosterWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1925f11305
150  HHIH GibbonsWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1937f15772
144  SC MooreWorcestershire v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2008f50813
143  CH BullWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1937f15772
141*WV FoxWorcestershire v Derbyshire1926f11720
141  GR HaynesWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1994f41231
139  P JohnsonNottinghamshire v Worcestershire1998f43816
138*ME WaughEssex v Worcestershire1992f40044
134  RT RobinsonNottinghamshire v Worcestershire1994f41231
127  MA CarberryHampshire v Worcestershire2007f50196
126  GA HickWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire2002f46716
125  D KenyonWorcestershire v Somerset1960f23413
123  JB HigginsWorcestershire v Glamorgan1927f12043
123*MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Worcestershire1997f43221
123*PR PollardWorcestershire v Essex2000f45232
120  MA CarberryHampshire v Worcestershire2007f50196
118  PH ParfittMiddlesex v Worcestershire1972f29168
118*TS CurtisWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1994f41231
117  HFT BuseSomerset v Worcestershire1949f18401
116  MEJC NormanNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1962f24349
115*G AtkinsonSomerset v Worcestershire1960f23413
115  TW GraveneyWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1962f24349
114  WW TimmsNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1925f11305
113  LF OutschoornWorcestershire v Derbyshire1958f22258
112  CD FearnleyWorcestershire v Derbyshire1966f26445
112  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1998f43816
111  SC MooreWorcestershire v Middlesex2008f50962
110  TS CurtisWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1987f37065
109  HW StephensonSomerset v Worcestershire1954f20530
109  WPC WestonWorcestershire v Derbyshire1993f40586
108  AU RashidYorkshire v Worcestershire2007f50177
107  TS CurtisWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1996f42505
106*E CooperWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1946f17207
106  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1996f42505
106  RS ClintonLoughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence v Worcestershire2005f48663
105  CP DavisNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1946f17207
105  DS SteeleNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1973f29693
105  RGA HeadleyWorcestershire v Northamptonshire1973f29693
104*BL D'OliveiraWorcestershire v Middlesex1972f29168
103  RGA HeadleyWorcestershire v Derbyshire1961f23879
103  DJ CapelNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire1996f42505
102*PM BorringtonLoughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence v Worcestershire2008f50813
101  H GimblettSomerset v Worcestershire1949f18401
101  D KenyonWorcestershire v Leicestershire1959f22845
101  GJ LordWorcestershire v Lancashire1990f38858
101*DJ CullinanDerbyshire v Worcestershire1995f41866
101  AS RollinsDerbyshire v Worcestershire1999f44528
101  AJ StraussMiddlesex v Worcestershire2008f50962
100  CF WaltersWorcestershire v Warwickshire1934f14571
100  HHIH GibbonsWorcestershire v Warwickshire1934f14571
100*LF OutschoornWorcestershire v Derbyshire1948f18019
100  DB D'OliveiraWorcestershire v Essex1992f40044





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