County Ground, Chelmsford - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

242-3Essex v Sussex2008tt973
226-3Sussex v Essex2014tt4469
225-2Somerset v Essex2011tt2242
225-3Essex v Sussex2014tt4469
212-5Essex v Hampshire2015tt4989
205-4Essex v Kent2009tt1261
205-5Surrey v Essex2015tt4905
204-3Essex v Kent2016tt5788
204-4Pakistanis v Essex2010tt1818
204-4Essex v Gloucestershire2011tt2204
200-6Sussex v Essex2016tt5842
197-2Warwickshire v Essex2014tt4483
196-6Essex v Sussex2006tt371
195-6Essex v Glamorgan2014tt4339
192-3Glamorgan v Essex2010tt1744
192-9Essex v Northamptonshire2008tt996
191-6Essex v Glamorgan2010tt1744
189-6Glamorgan v Essex2014tt4339
188-4Essex v Surrey2010tt1797
187-6Surrey v Essex2010tt1797
187-7Essex v Glamorgan2015tt4968
184-2Essex v Lancashire2010tt1885
184-5Glamorgan v Essex2016tt5860
183-3Kent v Essex2011tt2341
183-6Lancashire v Essex2010tt1885
181-6Sussex v Essex2012tt3014
181Essex v Gloucestershire2015tt4950
180-8Essex v Kent2013tt3694
178-5Essex v Warwickshire2014tt4483
178-7Essex v Middlesex2006tt404
177-4Somerset v Essex2010tt1844
177-4Essex v Sussex2012tt3014
177-4Hampshire v Essex2012tt3016
177-6Middlesex v Essex2006tt404
177-7Somerset v Essex2015tt4931
176-4Essex v Hampshire2012tt3016
176-8Essex v Sussex2016tt5842
176Essex v Somerset2015tt4931
175-5Essex v Middlesex2003tt37
175-7Essex v Surrey2007tt668
174-4Surrey v Essex2007tt668
174-5Sussex v Essex2010tt1813
173-6Essex v Somerset2010tt1844
173-7Middlesex v Essex2003tt37
173-7Middlesex v Essex2010tt1869
173-8Middlesex v Essex2016tt5751
172-4Essex v Sussex2013tt3710
171-4Essex v Sussex2007tt643
171-9Sussex v Essex2013tt3710
171Glamorgan v Essex2015tt4968
170-4Kent v Essex2010tt1724
170-8Surrey v Essex2016tt5712
169-6Essex v Surrey2009tt1247
169-7Kent v Essex2009tt1261
168-5Hampshire v Essex2014tt4462
168-6Sussex v Essex2011tt2219
168-9Essex v Kent2011tt2341
167-3Essex v Gloucestershire2010tt1857
167-9Essex v Kent2010tt1724
167-9Essex v Hampshire2014tt4462
166-5Essex v Surrey2014tt4420
165-4Surrey v Essex2014tt4420
165-5Sussex v Essex2007tt643
165-5Surrey v Essex2009tt1247
165Surrey v Essex2013tt3768
164-9Essex v Surrey2008tt954
163-2Essex v Gloucestershire2014tt4377
163-7Essex v Hampshire2010tt1826
163-7Gloucestershire v Essex2015tt4950
162-3Essex v Hampshire2006tt381
162-5Gloucestershire v Essex2010tt1857
162-6Essex v Middlesex2010tt1869
162-6Gloucestershire v Essex2014tt4377
162-7Essex v Hampshire2011tt2259
162Essex v Surrey2016tt5712
161-6Hampshire v Essex2010tt1826
161Essex v Surrey2015tt4905
160-5Essex v Kent2006tt410
159Essex v Hampshire2008tt988
158-6Essex v Kent2012tt2984
158-7Hampshire v Essex2006tt381
157-8Essex v Middlesex2014tt4391
157-9Essex v Sussex2010tt1813
157Kent v Essex2006tt410
156-8Essex v Middlesex2016tt5751
155Kent v Essex2012tt2984
154-2Gloucestershire v Essex2016tt5758
154-9Kent v Essex2016tt5788
153-4Hampshire v Essex2009tt1334
153-5Middlesex v Essex2014tt4391
153-8Essex v Gloucestershire2016tt5758
151-2Essex v Middlesex2009tt1308
151-5Essex v Sussex2005tt188
151-6Essex v Middlesex2015tt5080
151-7Essex v Sussex2011tt2219
151-9Hampshire v Essex2005tt200
150-5Middlesex v Essex2015tt5080





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