County Ground, Chelmsford - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

388-7Essex v Scotland1992a7515
386-5Essex v Wiltshire1988a5714
368-7Essex v Scotland2013a22652
361-7Essex v Durham1996a9943
361-8Essex v Cumberland1992a7612
359-7Essex v Ireland1998a11141
350-3Essex v Combined Universities1979a2387
333-4Essex v Combined Universities1985a4420
331-5Essex v British Universities1996a9817
327-6Essex v Scotland1984a4102
319-9Essex v Lancashire1992a7642
318-8Lancashire v Essex1992a7642
316-3Sussex v Essex2000a12670
316-4Essex v Glamorgan2004a16118
315-6Essex v Essex Cricket Board2003a15089
313-9Australians v Essex2012a22014
312-5Essex v Devon1996a9917
312-7Essex v Surrey2013a22658
310-5South Africans v Essex1998a11309
307-3Yorkshire v Essex1995a9326
307-5Hampshire v Essex1990a6636
307-5Warwickshire v Essex2003a15159
307-6Essex v Oxfordshire1985a4489
307-6Essex v Hampshire1990a6636
303-9Essex v Glamorgan1997a10654
302-8Essex Cricket Board v Surrey Cricket Board2002a14543
301-6Lancashire v Essex1999a11869
301-8Glamorgan v Essex1997a10654
301-9Essex v Bedfordshire1971a482
299-2Glamorgan v Essex2009a19762
298-5Essex v Glamorgan2003a15232
298-5Sussex v Essex2006a17445
298Essex v Lancashire1999a11869
297-6Essex v Glamorgan2009a19762
296-6Essex v Sussex2006a17445
295-5Essex v Middlesex2002a14297
294Durham v Essex1996a9943
291-5Middlesex v Essex2002a14297
291-8Essex v Sussex2008a18948
290-5Northamptonshire v Essex1993a8121
290West Indians v Essex1980a2667
289-3Essex v Nottinghamshire2011a21331
287-3Essex v Worcestershire1997a10598
287-4Essex v Hampshire1993a8222
287-6South Africa A v Essex1996a9988
287-7Nottinghamshire v Essex2011a21331
286-5Essex v Northamptonshire1993a8121
286-9Worcestershire v Essex1997a10598
285-8Essex v Yorkshire2008a19058
284-4Essex v Warwickshire1986a4800
284-6Essex v Pakistanis2003a15150
283-5Yorkshire v Essex2002a14403
283-9Essex v Yorkshire2002a14403
282-3Essex v Northamptonshire2009a19742
281Northamptonshire v Essex2009a19742
280-6Essex v Northamptonshire2006a17512
278-1Essex v Middlesex2007a18223
278-5Essex v Somerset1981a2936
277-7Glamorgan v Essex1995a9172
277-7Middlesex v Essex2007a18223
276-6Essex v South Africa A1996a9988
274-3Victoria v Essex1991a7203
274-8Kent v Essex1983a3762
273-6Essex v Lancashire2005a16830
273Essex Cricket Board v Essex2003a15089
272-6Essex v Wiltshire1969a144
271-5Essex v Warwickshire1979a2422
271-7Essex v Gloucestershire1986a4824
271-7Essex v Gloucestershire2005a16666
270-2Essex v Somerset1997a10481
270-5Essex v Surrey1980a2690
270-9Essex v Kent1983a3762
269-7Essex v Kent1982a3386
269-8Somerset v Essex1997a10481
268-8Surrey v Essex2003a15061
267-6Sussex v Essex2009a19842
267Essex v Gloucestershire2010a20560
266Essex Cricket Board v Lancashire Cricket Board2000a12721
265-6Essex v Lancashire1969a137
265-6Essex v Zimbabweans1990a6553
263-8Essex v Sussex2009a19842
262-9Essex v Worcestershire2002a14328
260-2Essex v Middlesex2008a18987
259-7Middlesex v Essex2008a18987
257-7Kent v Essex2001a13426
256Essex v Middlesex1997a10473
255-3Gloucestershire v Essex2003a15207
255-5Glamorgan v Essex1996a9952
255-5Warwickshire v Essex1997a10670
255-6Essex v Kent2001a13426
254-2Glamorgan v Essex2001a13517
254-7Essex v Nottinghamshire1978a2124
254-8Essex v Sussex2000a12670
254-9Gloucestershire v Essex1986a4824
253-4Essex v Somerset1986a4935
253-6Worcestershire v Essex1995a9202
253Surrey Cricket Board v Essex Cricket Board2002a14543
253Essex v Surrey2003a15061
252-8Essex v Gloucestershire2003a15207
251-7Essex v Glamorgan1996a9952
251-8Glamorgan v Essex2011a21417
251-9Lancashire Cricket Board v Essex Cricket Board2000a12721
250-3Essex v Yorkshire1981a3057
250-6Essex v Kent1983a3684
250-6Worcestershire v Essex1993a8158
250-7Essex v Lancashire1989a6068





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