Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton - Centuries in first-class cricket

224*CL TownsendGloucestershire v Essex1899f5236
221*WG GraceGloucestershire v Middlesex1885f2948
201  TG MatthewsGloucestershire v Surrey1871f1663
181  A LytteltonMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1883f2677
180*GF GraceGloucestershire v Surrey1875f1923
177  WG GraceGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1876f1990
165*GF GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1873f1780
160*WG GraceGloucestershire v Surrey1873f1786
156  FGJ FordMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1899f5212
153  WG GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1888f3315
148  WG GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1888f3315
145  ID WalkerMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1883f2677
143  JH BrainGloucestershire v Surrey1884f2824
142  AJ WebbeMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1880f2332
141*TP HoranAustralians v Gloucestershire1882f2542
135  WW ReadSurrey v Gloucestershire1884f2824
133  JR PainterGloucestershire v Surrey1884f2824
129*L HallYorkshire v Gloucestershire1888f3315
127  WG GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1874f1846
127  J CranstonGloucestershire v Lancashire1883f2688
126  FFJ GreenfieldSussex v Gloucestershire1876f1999
123  J SeymourKent v Gloucestershire1920f9723
122  AJ WebbeMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1879f2251
122  EM GraceGloucestershire v Lancashire1882f2550
122  RA SinfieldGloucestershire v Middlesex1932f14002
120  WW ReadSurrey v Gloucestershire1886f3072
119  WG GraceGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1875f1915
119*A ShrewsburyNottinghamshire v Gloucestershire1887f3177
119  WR HammondGloucestershire v Glamorgan1929f12859
118  W NewhamSussex v Gloucestershire1888f3306
116*WG GraceGloucestershire v Australians1884f2804
116  JR PainterGloucestershire v Lancashire1884f2810
115*GF GraceGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1872f1723
115  WH PattersonKent v Gloucestershire1889f3428
115  W TroupGloucestershire v Essex1899f5236
113*WG GraceGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1887f3177
112  WG GraceGloucestershire v Lancashire1883f2688
110  WG GraceGloucestershire v Australians1886f3054
109*CL TownsendGloucestershire v Kent1900f5449
108  EM GraceGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1872f1723
108  JH BrainGloucestershire v Australians1884f2804
108  W RashleighKent v Gloucestershire1887f3192
106  WG GraceGloucestershire v Lancashire1880f2345
104  T EmmettYorkshire v Gloucestershire1873f1780
103  GF GraceGloucestershire v Sussex1874f1854
103*WG GraceGloucestershire v Kent1887f3192
101  J ShuterSurrey v Gloucestershire1884f2824
101  WG GraceGloucestershire v Kent1887f3192
100  W TroupGloucestershire v Essex1898f4992
100*WR HammondGloucestershire v Somerset1930f13247





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