Royal Brunswick Ground, Hove - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-105G WellsSussex v Surrey1860f1124
9-113G BennettKent v Sussex1871f1638
8--1J WisdenSussex v Nottinghamshire1848f775
8--1J WisdenSussex v Kent1848f781
8--1WR HillyerKent v Sussex1849f803
8--1J WisdenSussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1849f810
8--1J WisdenSussex v Surrey1851f867
8-41J WisdenSussex v England1854f958
8-45J JacksonEngland v Surrey and Sussex1857f1036
8-49W ShepherdSurrey v Sussex1864f1280
8-54J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1855f986
8-55J LillywhiteSussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1867f1454
8-73JS PayneSussex v Kent1861f1150
8-75J SouthertonSussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1867f1454
8-96CH EllisSussex v Surrey1863f1237
7--1J DeanSussex v Kent1849f803
7-9G BennettKent v Sussex1857f1028
7-10H StubberfieldSussex v Kent1859f1101
7-16J WisdenSussex v Kent1852f900
7-18H StubberfieldKent and Sussex v Surrey1858f1051
7-22HH StephensonEngland v Sussex1854f958
7-22E WillsherKent v Sussex1855f986
7-22J WisdenSurrey and Sussex v England1857f1036
7-30J LillywhiteSussex v Surrey1865f1331
7-32J WisdenSussex v Kent1848f781
7-33J SouthertonSussex v Kent1871f1638
7-34J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1862f1191
7-34J SouthertonSussex v Kent1871f1638
7-37G BennettKent v Sussex1858f1068
7-43E WillsherKent v Sussex1865f1316
7-45A MynnKent v Sussex1854f940
7-45G BennettKent v Sussex1858f1068
7-48E HinklyKent v Sussex1848f781
7-51E WillsherKent v Sussex1859f1101
7-51J SouthertonSussex v Kent1868f1472
7-58RC TinleyNottinghamshire v Sussex1865f1350
7-59J DeanSussex v Kent1852f900
7-61J SouthertonSussex v Kent1870f1585
7-65G WoottonMarylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1863f1249
7-67G WellsSussex v Nottinghamshire1865f1350
7-68G BennettKent v Sussex1863f1231
7-72JC ShawPlayers v Gentlemen1871f1661
7-73CH EllisSussex v Kent1863f1231
7-73J SouthertonSussex v Surrey1870f1608
7-78E BraySurrey v Sussex1871f1648
7-103J WisdenSussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1861f1172
7-201CH EllisSussex v Surrey1863f1237





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