Royal Brunswick Ground, Hove - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4G WellsKent v Sussex1859f1101
4JH HaleKent v Sussex1863f1231
4CH EllisSurrey v Sussex1863f1237
4B PauncefoteSussex v Middlesex1868f1504
3W GoodhewSussex v Kent1858f1068
3J LillywhiteSurrey v Kent and Sussex1859f1083
3E WillsherSussex v Kent1860f1119
3WL SherwinKent v Sussex1861f1150
3WS NortonSussex v Kent1861f1150
3E WillsherSussex v Kent1862f1191
3W CaffynSussex v Surrey1863f1237
3CH EllisHampshire v Sussex1864f1293
3C PayneKent v Sussex1865f1316
3CH EllisSurrey v Sussex1866f1391
3J LillywhiteSurrey v Sussex1869f1560





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