Royal Brunswick Ground, Hove - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

23Kent v Sussex1859f1101
33England v Surrey and Sussex1857f1036
38Surrey v Kent and Sussex1858f1051
46Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1849f810
47Sussex v Kent1862f1191
51Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1851f873
51Sussex v Surrey1857f1024
51England v Surrey and Sussex1857f1036
52Kent v Sussex1851f860
55Kent v Sussex1852f900
55Kent v Sussex1871f1638
59Sussex v Surrey1854f963
59Kent and Sussex v Surrey1858f1051
60Sussex v Nottinghamshire1853f930
63Sussex v Kent1855f986
66Sussex v Surrey1870f1608
67Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1851f873
67Sussex v Kent1857f1028
67Kent and Sussex v Surrey1859f1083
68Sussex v Nottinghamshire1853f930
70Sussex v Surrey1855f973
77Sussex v Nottinghamshire1865f1350
79Sussex v Middlesex1868f1504
79Kent v Sussex1871f1638
81Sussex v Surrey1856f995
81Sussex v Kent1858f1068
82Kent v Sussex1858f1068
82Sussex v Kent1861f1150
84Nottinghamshire v Sussex1848f775
84Sussex v Kent1850f823
85Surrey v Sussex1851f867
85United England Eleven v Gentlemen of England1853f933
87Kent v Sussex1848f781
89Gentlemen of England v United England Eleven1853f933
89England v Sussex1854f958
89Sussex v Kent1860f1119
89Sussex v Kent1869f1532
92Kent v Sussex1854f940
93Surrey v Sussex1855f973
94Sussex v Surrey1851f867
94Sussex v Kent1852f900
94Sussex v Kent1854f940
94Kent v Sussex1868f1472
95Surrey v Sussex1867f1446
95Lancashire v Sussex1869f1557
96Kent v Sussex1848f781
97Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1862f1212
99Sussex v Surrey1860f1124
99Kent v Sussex1868f1472





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