County Ground, Hove - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

703-9dCambridge University v Sussex1890f3503
674Nottinghamshire v Sussex1893f3879
670-9dSussex v Northamptonshire1921f9992
651Oxford University v Sussex1895f4268
645-7dWarwickshire v Sussex1996f42405
643Australians v Sussex1882f2473
642-7dNottinghamshire v Sussex1901f5593
640-8dLancashire v Sussex1937f15879
632-8dMiddlesex v Sussex1937f15888
631-6dSussex v Hampshire2002f46750
626-3dSurrey v Sussex2007f50072
624-4dAustralians v Sussex1899f5190
618Sussex v Kent2004f48052
614-4dSussex v Leicestershire2003f47431
613-8dSouth Africans v Sussex1994f41160
611Cambridge University v Sussex1919f9395
601-8dLancashire v Sussex1905f6684
597-7dSussex v Leicestershire1938f16308
597-8dSussex v Yorkshire2007f50200
592Sussex v Cambridge University1895f4263
591Sussex v Essex1993f40664
590Lancashire v Sussex2011f53199
580-6dAustralians v Sussex1902f5935
580-8dYoung Australia v Sussex1995f41867
579-8dSussex v Surrey1904f6428
571-5dSussex v Cambridge University1901f5605
570Northamptonshire v Sussex2004f47994
566Middlesex v Sussex1895f4254
561-9dWest Indians v Sussex1988f37516
560-5dSussex v Yorkshire1901f5699
560Australians v Sussex1934f14790
558-7dNottinghamshire v Sussex2008f50935
558Sussex v Cambridge University1904f6377
557-6dNorthamptonshire v Sussex1914f9213
556Australians v Sussex1905f6712
555-6dWales v Sussex1929f12680
555-6dSouth Africans v Sussex1947f17734
553Surrey v Sussex1988f37707
552-5dSussex v Glamorgan2016f57158
552-8dSussex v Durham1996f42447
550-9dSussex v Middlesex1980f33215
549-5dAustralians v Sussex1948f17936
549-7dSussex v Bangladeshis2005f48675
549-9dSussex v New Zealanders1931f13690
548-4dSussex v Yorkshire2011f53256
548-7dWarwickshire v Sussex2000f45109
548Sussex v West Indians1933f14431
546Sussex v Gloucestershire1933f14180
546New Zealanders v Sussex1937f15959
545Sussex v Warwickshire2003f47329
545Warwickshire v Sussex2012f54018
543Cambridge University v Sussex1925f11255
542-9dSussex v Surrey1903f6142
542-9dLancashire v Sussex1928f12517
539-7dSussex v Kent1901f5718
539Surrey v Sussex1900f5410
539Sussex v Worcestershire1920f9618
537Sussex v Hampshire1930f13205
537Sussex v Middlesex2003f47414
536Sussex v Cambridge University1909f7719
536Sussex v Surrey1932f13881
534Cambridge University v Sussex1887f3138
533-3dIndians v Sussex1946f17258
532Sussex v Worcestershire2007f50220
530-6dSussex v Durham2006f49493
530-9dSussex v Worcestershire1908f7503
528Sussex v Worcestershire1901f5535
527Sussex v Gloucestershire2016f57212
526Sussex v Somerset1900f5340
525-4dSussex v Somerset1896f4435
525-9dSomerset v Sussex1990f38884
521-5dSri Lankans v Sussex2006f49387
521-7dSussex v Northamptonshire1930f13036
521-9dEssex v Sussex1936f15326
518Sussex v Somerset1895f4242
515Nottinghamshire v Sussex1887f3168
514Cambridge University v Sussex1896f4474
512-3dSussex v Middlesex1933f14371
510Sussex v Kent2007f50023
508-9dSussex v Hampshire1904f6455
505-9dSussex v Durham2014f55634
503-7dSussex v Kent1902f5988
501-3dNottinghamshire v Sussex1914f9155
501Surrey v Sussex1885f2911
501Sussex v Middlesex1901f5706





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