County Ground, Hove - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

377-9Somerset v Sussex2003a15334
367-6Middlesex v Sussex2015a24192
346-3Surrey v Sussex2008a18978
337-3Surrey v Sussex2002a14411
330-3Glamorgan v Sussex2014a23500
327-2Essex v Sussex1982a3311
326-7Sussex v Gloucestershire2009a19837
323-3Sussex v Glamorgan2014a23500
323-8Sussex v Surrey2002a14411
321-2Pakistanis v Sussex1992a7561
321-5Somerset v Sussex1990a6546
313-6Sussex v Durham2009a19791
313-6Sussex v Worcestershire2010a20669
313-7Sussex v Surrey2009a19787
311-6Surrey v Sussex2009a19787
310-9Sussex v Surrey1993a8026
307-2Kent v Sussex1995a9238
306-9Gloucestershire v Sussex2009a19805
305-6Sussex v Kent1982a3320
305-9Sussex v Middlesex2015a24192
303-6Sussex v Kent1995a9238
302-9Sussex v Glamorgan1998a11154
300-2Sussex v Leicestershire1989a6140
299Glamorgan v Sussex1998a11154
293-5Sussex v Durham1964a30
293-6Sussex v Nottinghamshire2013a22777
292-6Sussex v West Indians2004a15944
292Sussex v Yorkshire1963a13
292Gloucestershire v Sussex2009a19837
291-3Sussex v Unicorns2012a21972
290-5Nottinghamshire v Sussex2013a22777
290-7Sussex v Essex1993a8212
288-3Somerset v Sussex1984a4138
288-6Sussex v Middlesex1969a268
288-7Sussex v Durham2014a23454
287-4Sussex v Gloucestershire1981a3019
287-8Durham v Sussex2014a23454
286-3Sussex v Lancashire1997a10607
285-3Essex v Sussex1998a11140
285-5Sussex v Minor Counties1987a5212
285-6Nottinghamshire v Sussex2015a24173
283-6Sussex v Ireland1985a4501
283-6Lancashire v Sussex1997a10607
283-7Sussex v Warwickshire2005a16615
283-7Nottinghamshire v Sussex2007a18389
282-3Australians v Sussex1964a39
282-6Sussex v Middlesex1990a6526
282-6Middlesex v Sussex1990a6526
282-9Sussex v Nottinghamshire2015a24173
281-3Sussex v Essex1998a11140
281-7Surrey v Sussex2007a18238
280-5Sussex v Cambridge University1974a1162
280-5Middlesex v Sussex1985a4410
279-7Sussex v Gloucestershire1989a6201
279-8Sussex v Lancashire2006a17551
279-8Sussex v Surrey2008a18978
277-4Lancashire v Sussex2006a17551
277-6Sussex v Durham2009a19912
277-7Essex v Sussex1986a4800
277-8Sussex v Lancashire1978a2271
275-3Sussex v Middlesex2008a18974
275-5Essex v Sussex2016a24750
274-4Sussex v Nottinghamshire2007a18389
273-4Sussex v Gloucestershire1997a10491
273-5Middlesex v Sussex2008a18974
272-4Scotland v Sussex2003a15233
272-5Essex v Sussex1994a8688
271-3Sussex v Devon1995a9305
271-7Sussex v Derbyshire2004a16034
271Sussex v Essex2016a24750
270-4Sussex v Scotland2003a15233
270Yorkshire v Sussex1963a13
269-4Essex v Sussex2006a17565
269-7Sussex v Yorkshire2009a19816
269-8Sussex v Glamorgan1986a4932
268-9Hampshire v Sussex2016a24841
267-4Devon v Sussex1995a9305
267-7South Africans v Sussex2003a15175
267-8Sussex v Gloucestershire2007a18318
266-3Sussex v Somerset2005a16767
266-7Gloucestershire v Sussex2007a18318
265Sussex v Surrey2007a18238
264-9Kent v Sussex2007a18251
263-3Sussex v Warwickshire1983a3690
263-3Sussex v Leicestershire1991a6989
263-3Sussex v Leicestershire1995a9347
263-6Sussex v Kent1973a1022
263Sussex v Somerset1996a9955
262-8Leicestershire v Sussex1995a9347
261-4Sussex v Durham2004a15961
261-8Sussex v Ireland1995a9187
261-8Sussex v Hampshire2007a18324
261Sussex v Worcestershire1993a8171
260-4Nottinghamshire v Sussex2004a16007
260-5Yorkshire v Sussex1984a4065
260-7Hampshire v Sussex2007a18324
260Sussex v Nottinghamshire2004a16007
259-3Sussex v Nottinghamshire1977a1870
259-6Sussex v Essex1986a4800
259-6Sussex v Hampshire2016a24841
259-9Worcestershire v Sussex1974a1225
258-7Sussex v Glamorgan1980a2742
257-5Sussex v Hampshire2006a17484
257-7Sussex v Wales Minor Counties1993a8101
257Durham v Sussex2009a19791
256Sussex v Essex1994a8688
255-4Sussex v Yorkshire1975a1467
255-6Essex v Sussex1991a7120
255-7Sussex v Northamptonshire1968a124
255-7Northamptonshire v Sussex1979a2530
255-8Sussex v Unicorns2010a20557
255-9Somerset v Sussex2005a16767
254-6South Africa v India1999a11905
254-8Sussex v Essex1991a7120
254-8Sussex v Derbyshire2005a16584
254Hampshire v Sussex2006a17484
254Sussex v Nottinghamshire2009a19939
253-5India v South Africa1999a11905
253Sussex v Bangladeshis2010a20641
252-1Sussex v Hampshire1993a8126
252-7Gloucestershire v Sussex1971a520
252Kent v Sussex1982a3320
251-7Sri Lanka A v Sussex2004a15989
251-9Somerset v Sussex1996a9955
250-6Hampshire v Sussex2003a15240





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