Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

27The Rest v England1950f18698
28Worcestershire v Yorkshire1907f7290
37Surrey v Yorkshire1898f4895
39Leicestershire v Yorkshire1933f14183
40Yorkshire v Kent1967f26703
43Worcestershire v Yorkshire1900f5287
43Somerset v Yorkshire1930f13159
46Kent v Yorkshire1908f7378
46Yorkshire v Lancashire1932f13806
51Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1895f4315
51Worcestershire v Yorkshire1900f5287
51Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1920f9672
52Sussex v Yorkshire1901f5621
53Lancashire v Yorkshire1935f15112
55Yorkshire v Australians1884f2753
55Essex v Yorkshire1896f4458
55Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1963f24947
56Yorkshire v Hampshire1922f10365
56Warwickshire v Yorkshire1946f17291
59Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1955f20813
60Australians v Yorkshire1884f2753
60Middlesex v Yorkshire1890f3547
60Middlesex v Yorkshire1923f10484
60Essex v Yorkshire1951f19328
61Surrey v Yorkshire1931f13560
61Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1955f20813
62Kent v Yorkshire1881f2393
62Yorkshire v Worcestershire1907f7290
62Derbyshire v Yorkshire1910f8058
62Leicestershire v Yorkshire1938f16319
62Yorkshire v Hampshire1955f20905
64Kent v Yorkshire1881f2393
64Essex v Yorkshire1898f4929
65Leicestershire v Yorkshire1933f14183
65Glamorgan v Yorkshire1939f16558
66Yorkshire v Lancashire1897f4743
66Essex v Yorkshire1921f10064
67Australians v Yorkshire1882f2528
67Lancashire v Yorkshire1906f6874
67Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1920f9672
68Yorkshire v Australians1882f2528
70Leicestershire v Yorkshire1962f24461
71Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1895f4315
71Leicestershire v Yorkshire1924f11042
71Yorkshire v Australians1948f17861
72Yorkshire v Australians1884f2753
72Yorkshire v Australians1902f5872
72Leicestershire v Yorkshire1932f14035
72Hampshire v Yorkshire1954f20403
72Warwickshire v Yorkshire1969f27700
73Middlesex v Yorkshire1902f5843
73Lancashire v Yorkshire1923f10681
73Lancashire v Yorkshire1926f11536
74Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1912f8575
74Derbyshire v Yorkshire1919f9387
75Derbyshire v Yorkshire1910f8058
75Yorkshire v Essex1965f25913
76Derbyshire v Yorkshire1881f2442
76Yorkshire v Gloucestershire1895f4315
76Lancashire v Yorkshire1912f8511
76South Africans v Yorkshire1951f19082
77Yorkshire v Australians1902f5872
77Kent v Yorkshire1908f7378
78Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1923f10595
78Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1981f33583
79Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1923f10595
80Yorkshire v Essex1896f4458
80Middlesex v Yorkshire1902f5843
80Middlesex v Yorkshire1926f11677
80Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1963f24738
81Worcestershire v Yorkshire1956f21493
82Middlesex v Yorkshire1886f3066
82Middlesex v Yorkshire1893f3945
83Yorkshire v Derbyshire1897f4792
84Yorkshire v Australians1882f2528
84Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1936f15460
84Kent v Yorkshire1937f15752
85Lancashire v Yorkshire1909f7797
85Warwickshire v Yorkshire1978f32146
86Northamptonshire v Yorkshire1931f13647
86Indians v Yorkshire1936f15367
86Warwickshire v Yorkshire1956f21391
87Australians v Yorkshire1902f5872
87Middlesex v Yorkshire1905f6760
87Surrey v Yorkshire1910f8023
87Sussex v Yorkshire1925f11382
87Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1938f16200
87Yorkshire v Surrey1947f17605
89Yorkshire v Surrey1910f8023
89Worcestershire v Yorkshire1926f11745
89Yorkshire v Australians1948f17861
89Hampshire v Yorkshire1954f20403
91Yorkshire v Worcestershire1907f7290
91Yorkshire v West Indians1950f18654
91Yorkshire v Surrey1957f21866
91Yorkshire v Surrey1959f22846
92Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1924f10844
92Middlesex v Yorkshire1929f12891
92Warwickshire v Yorkshire1960f23310
93Yorkshire v Kent1971f28650
94Hampshire v Yorkshire1897f4668
94Derbyshire v Yorkshire1949f18482
94Yorkshire v Northamptonshire1955f20813
94Derbyshire v Yorkshire1955f21047
94Australians v Yorkshire1956f21256
95Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1962f24217
96Players of the North v Australians1880f2355
96Lancashire v Yorkshire1900f5348
98Surrey v Yorkshire1966f26446
98Yorkshire v Kent1972f29323
99Yorkshire v Worcestershire1900f5287





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