Recreation Ground, Bath - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-51JC WhiteSomerset v Glamorgan1932f13949
9-77H DeanLancashire v Somerset1910f7964
8-17VJ MarksSomerset v Lancashire1985f35795
8-21A JaquesHampshire v Somerset1914f9122
8-23BA LangfordSomerset v Kent1956f21335
8-26FE RumseySomerset v Hampshire1965f25851
8-26BA LangfordSomerset v Gloucestershire1966f26261
8-35E RobsonSomerset v Australians1909f7700
8-35DVP WrightKent v Somerset1939f16554
8-36JC WhiteSomerset v Worcestershire1919f9436
8-39SG SmithNorthamptonshire v Somerset1912f8640
8-44FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Somerset1955f20951
8-45DVP WrightKent v Somerset1939f16554
8-45DJ ShepherdGlamorgan v Somerset1962f24382
8-47JC WhiteSomerset v Worcestershire1919f9436
8-52FA TarrantMiddlesex v Somerset1911f8296
8-52AW WellardSomerset v Worcestershire1947f17587
8-57C GladwinDerbyshire v Somerset1957f21807
8-66SH MartinWorcestershire v Somerset1937f15778
8-75LC BraundSomerset v Worcestershire1907f7155
8-79AS KennedyHampshire v Somerset1922f10194
8-84W BestwickDerbyshire v Somerset1921f9917
8-89B CranfieldSomerset v Lancashire1902f5818
8-96BA LangfordSomerset v Kent1953f20036
8-101EG DennettGloucestershire v Somerset1905f6598
7-16A MortonDerbyshire v Somerset1912f8533
7-19E RobsonSomerset v Derbyshire1919f9441
7-19CA WalshGloucestershire v Somerset1989f38151
7-24W RhodesYorkshire v Somerset1898f4860
7-25R TattersallLancashire v Somerset1953f20029
7-26H DeanLancashire v Somerset1910f7964
7-26CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1932f13956
7-26BA LangfordSomerset v Worcestershire1956f21352
7-29MJ HortonWorcestershire v Somerset1956f21352
7-33JT HearneMiddlesex v Somerset1911f8296
7-35AW WellardSomerset v Cambridge University1946f17174
7-36LC BraundSomerset v Warwickshire1907f7211
7-37AS KennedyHampshire v Somerset1922f10194
7-38J LangridgeSussex v Somerset1930f13235
7-40RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Somerset1907f7155
7-43RL JohnsonSomerset v Hampshire2002f46649
7-44LH GrayMiddlesex v Somerset1949f18365
7-47CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1928f12526
7-47JC WhiteSomerset v Sussex1930f13235
7-48B CranfieldSomerset v Worcestershire1901f5603
7-48PJ RobinsonSomerset v Surrey1966f26281
7-49AW WellardSomerset v Worcestershire1947f17587
7-50D WilsonYorkshire v Somerset1967f26770
7-51FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Somerset1955f20951
7-51KE PalmerSomerset v Glamorgan1962f24382
7-54JA FlavellWorcestershire v Somerset1965f25843
7-55MB HeathHampshire v Somerset1957f21790
7-55OS WheatleyGlamorgan v Somerset1962f24382
7-56WHR AndrewsSomerset v Kent1939f16554
7-57AW WellardSomerset v Oxford University1939f16547
7-58WHR AndrewsSomerset v Middlesex1938f16198
7-59C GladwinDerbyshire v Somerset1958f22298
7-59JC LakerSurrey v Somerset1959f22930
7-61GE HuntSomerset v Sussex1926f11702
7-61DW WhiteHampshire v Somerset1970f28269
7-64JH VincettSussex v Somerset1914f9086
7-64JC WhiteSomerset v Derbyshire1919f9441
7-64JC WhiteSomerset v Hampshire1923f10503
7-64CWL ParkerGloucestershire v Somerset1934f14604
7-70KE PalmerSomerset v Yorkshire1964f25334
7-72PJW AllottLancashire v Somerset1984f35230
7-72PJ FranksNottinghamshire v Somerset2004f48015
7-75MW TateSussex v Somerset1925f11334
7-75JE WalshLeicestershire v Somerset1947f17566
7-79MS NicholsEssex v Somerset1938f16187
7-83AR CaddickSomerset v Worcestershire1996f42460
7-86LW CookLancashire v Somerset1907f7139
7-87J BaileyHampshire v Somerset1948f17966
7-98EJ TylerSomerset v Hampshire1900f5314
7-98J HiltonSomerset v Warwickshire1954f20482
7-105LC BraundSomerset v Warwickshire1907f7211
7-134JW LloydsGloucestershire v Somerset1989f38151
7-165EJ TylerSomerset v Yorkshire1899f5061





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