Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on The Leys School Ground, Cambridge (7)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
3rd June 1990 Holt Cup 1990 First RoundCambridgeshire v Norfolkmint132
3rd June 1990 Holt Cup 1990 First RoundCambridgeshire v Norfolkmint140
2nd June 1991 Holt Cup 1991 First RoundCambridgeshire v Norfolkmint156
31st May 1992 Holt Cup 1992 First RoundCambridgeshire v Norfolkmint175
5th June 1994 MCC Trophy 1994 First RoundCambridgeshire v Norfolkmint213
29th April 2012 MCCA Trophy 2012 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Herefordshiremint983d
19th May 2013 MCCA Trophy 2013 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Northumberlandmint1030
17th May 2015 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2015 Group 2Cambridgeshire v Norfolkmint1129
14th May 2017 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2017 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Cumberlandmint1213





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