Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle - Highest Team Totals in Lancashire League matches

308-3East Lancashire v Church2004ll19932
306-4Church v East Lancashire2004ll19932
305Church v Enfield1937ll7806
292-2Church v Colne2011ll21094
258-4Rishton v Church1990ll17284
256-3Church v Todmorden2001ll19392
252-6Church v Rishton1994ll18047
251-7Lowerhouse v Church2005ll20060
250-5Church v Nelson2010ll20924
250-8dAccrington v Church1901ll1665
247-7Church v Lowerhouse1995ll18236
246-4Church v Todmorden1996ll18426
246-7Rishton v Church1994ll18047
245-4East Lancashire v Church1989ll17151
245-8Church v Todmorden2013ll21598
244-5Rishton v Church2002ll19601
243-8Church v Rishton2004ll19960
242-4Todmorden v Church1996ll18426
242-6Church v Colne2010ll20986
240-5Church v Accrington2004ll19882
240-8dChurch v Lowerhouse1913ll3874
240Church v Burnley2011ll21260
239-7Todmorden v Church2010ll20965
238-7Church v Haslingden2008ll20553
237-3Burnley v Church1995ll18187
237-4Church v Accrington2005ll20135
236-8Haslingden v Church1989ll17130
235-7dChurch v Ramsbottom1945ll9214
234-7dAccrington v Church1903ll2024
233-3Church v Nelson2013ll21568
233-9Accrington v Church2005ll20135
232-2Todmorden v Church1990ll17397
232-2Church v Todmorden2003ll19755
232-7dChurch v Colne1923ll5320
232-7Nelson v Church2013ll21568
231-7Church v Rawtenstall2010ll20911
231-8Ramsbottom v Church1993ll17923
231-9Church v Lowerhouse2004ll19979
230-3Church v Burnley1976ll14841
229-5Accrington v Church2008ll20582
228-3Bacup v Church2006ll20218
228-8Church v Accrington2008ll20582
228Church v Todmorden2007ll20527
227-3East Lancashire v Church1981ll15722
227-3Colne v Church1990ll17412
227-4Rishton v Church2006ll20329
227-7dChurch v Nelson1938ll7988
226-8Ramsbottom v Church1997ll18637
226-9Haslingden v Church2010ll20951
225-6dChurch v Bacup1952ll10452
225-7Church v Rishton2006ll20329
224-3Church v Bacup1916ll4462
224Church v Bacup2006ll20218
223-2Rishton v Church2008ll20576
223-4dChurch v Lowerhouse1941ll8569
223-5Church v East Lancashire2006ll20280
223-6Burnley v Church1981ll15736
222-3Church v Rishton2008ll20576
222-4Church v Todmorden1992ll17697
222-5Church v Bacup1914ll4076
222-6Accrington v Church2006ll20211
222-7dChurch v Haslingden1925ll5676
222-7dRishton v Church1949ll9888
222-8East Lancashire v Church2006ll20280
221-5Haslingden v Church1979ll15281
221-6Rawtenstall v Church1977ll15017
221-8Church v Enfield1987ll16747
221-9dEast Lancashire v Church1929ll6393
220-8East Lancashire v Church2007ll20420
219-2Enfield v Church1922ll5104
219-6Church v Rishton2010ll21008
219-8Church v Accrington2006ll20211
219Church v Bacup1911ll3511
218-3dEast Lancashire v Church1935ll7419
218-6dChurch v Colne1947ll9576
218-6dAccrington v Church1949ll9906
217-5dHaslingden v Church1929ll6340
217-6Church v Todmorden2000ll19118
217-6Haslingden v Church2005ll20156
217Colne v Church2003ll19694
216-5dChurch v East Lancashire1908ll2932
216-6dChurch v Ramsbottom1901ll1612
216-9Church v Lowerhouse2010ll20975
215-6Rishton v Church1991ll17592
215-9Burnley v Church2006ll20238
214-3dBurnley v Church1979ll15358
214-4Rawtenstall v Church1998ll18726
214-5Enfield v Church1980ll15472
214-7Ramsbottom v Church2000ll19254
214-7Church v Todmorden2009ll20849
213-3dChurch v Haslingden1968ll13371
213-5dAccrington v Church1921ll4931
213-6dChurch v Lowerhouse1926ll5906
213-6Church v Rawtenstall1995ll18208
213-6Church v Burnley2004ll19833
213-8Church v Bacup2008ll20596
212-6dChurch v East Lancashire1898ll1141
212-6dChurch v Rishton1951ll10257
212-7dBurnley v Church1904ll2251
211-5dChurch v Enfield1910ll3316
211-7dChurch v Accrington1922ll5073
210-5Colne v Church1997ll18644
210-6dChurch v East Lancashire1895ll546
210-6dChurch v Todmorden1970ll13754
210-8Lowerhouse v Church1982ll15953
210-9Accrington v Church2013ll21493
209-4Church v Colne1995ll18266
209-5Church v East Lancashire2003ll19657
209-7Church v Todmorden1995ll18300
209-7Church v Colne2003ll19694
209-8Church v Todmorden2005ll20101
209-9Lowerhouse v Church2004ll19979
209Church v Rawtenstall1948ll9748
208-8Colne v Church1995ll18266
208-9dRawtenstall v Church1913ll3867
207-6Church v Accrington1988ll16934
207-8dChurch v Bacup1899ll1275
206-5dChurch v Burnley1955ll10947
206-7Haslingden v Church1981ll15652
206-8dColne v Church1937ll7889
206-8Rawtenstall v Church2005ll20009
205-2East Lancashire v Church1976ll14833
205-4dEast Lancashire v Church1914ll3984
205Church v East Lancashire1906ll2571
204-6Church v Rawtenstall2005ll20009
204-7Todmorden v Church1983ll16128
203-2dChurch v East Lancashire1927ll5976
203-5dChurch v Accrington1927ll6003
203-6Rawtenstall v Church2010ll20911
203-7Ramsbottom v Church1994ll18063
203-9Church v Nelson2012ll21303
202-2Church v Todmorden1976ll14862
202-5Enfield v Church1982ll15815
202-5Church v Enfield1994ll18112
202-6Church v Enfield2001ll19379
202-6Todmorden v Church2008ll20647
202-7dChurch v Nelson1926ll5823
202-7Church v Todmorden2004ll19896
202-9dRamsbottom v Church1908ll2930
202Haslingden v Church1921ll4899
201-4dChurch v East Lancashire1956ll11127
201-4Ramsbottom v Church1995ll18273
201-7dChurch v Todmorden1900ll1476
201-7Enfield v Church1994ll18112
201-8Rawtenstall v Church1995ll18208
200-5dChurch v Rishton1904ll2179
200-5Church v Nelson1991ll17529
200-6dChurch v Haslingden1963ll12427
200-7Ramsbottom v Church2002ll19575
200Church v Todmorden1983ll16128
200Church v Todmorden2002ll19539





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