Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle - Centuries in Lancashire League matches

172*GRP PeirisChurch v East Lancashire2004ll19932
152*PR SleepRishton v Church1990ll17284
151  Q FriendEast Lancashire v Church2004ll19932
149  J FinneyAccrington v Church1901ll1665
144*A RhodesHaslingden v Church1929ll6340
142*Ghulam AbbasChurch v Haslingden1968ll13371
136*GRP PeirisChurch v Rishton2004ll19960
134*PR SleepRishton v Church1994ll18047
133*DV NorburyChurch v Lowerhouse1926ll5906
133  SL StewartEast Lancashire v Church2007ll20420
132*Shafiq AhmedChurch v Todmorden1976ll14862
132  SP O'DonnellHaslingden v Church1989ll17130
132*N HussainChurch v Colne2011ll21094
130*GH WalmsleyChurch v Bacup1916ll4462
128  GRP PeirisChurch v Todmorden2007ll20527
125*BD WilliamsTodmorden v Church1990ll17397
124  JDC BryantChurch v Todmorden2001ll19392
122*MP AtkinsonChurch v Rishton1994ll18047
120*PR SleepRishton v Church1991ll17592
120*MP MottChurch v Todmorden1996ll18426
118  F HartleyChurch v Todmorden1939ll8128
118  GRP PeirisChurch v Todmorden2005ll20101
117  BJ McArdleChurch v Ramsbottom1981ll15794
117  GRP PeirisChurch v Lowerhouse2004ll19979
117  D WieseTodmorden v Church2010ll20965
115*WH MorleyChurch v East Lancashire1908ll2932
114*Saeed AnwarRishton v Church2008ll20576
114  Saeed AnwarChurch v Bacup2012ll21411
113  M AspinChurch v Colne1998ll18812
112  T FlowersChurch v Enfield1900ll1449
112  WS AndrewsChurch v Enfield1987ll16747
111*K ArthurChurch v Colne1973ll14245
111  NC JohnsonChurch v Lowerhouse1995ll18236
110*JA RedfernRamsbottom v Church1902ll1787
110  JJ SmithRishton v Church1949ll9888
109*WE AlleyColne v Church1952ll10508
109  BJ HodgeRamsbottom v Church2000ll19254
109  GRP PeirisChurch v Enfield2006ll20192
108*R SavageChurch v Accrington1922ll5073
108  W FinneyAccrington v Church1925ll5641
108  GS PearceChurch v Enfield1937ll7806
108  PT MarnerTodmorden v Church1971ll13925
108  AP RobertsColne v Church1995ll18266
108  GRP PeirisChurch v Accrington2005ll20135
107*J BrierleyHaslingden v Church1940ll8334
107  PCP SimmoniteColne v Church1990ll17412
106*F WebsterLowerhouse v Church1929ll6412
106*I SmithTodmorden v Church1978ll15156
106*GL SmithChurch v Accrington1989ll17109
105*WE MerrittEast Lancashire v Church1935ll7419
105*BA JohnsonColne v Church1997ll18644
105*AJ SeymoreAccrington v Church2002ll19615
104  WJ BentleyChurch v East Lancashire1900ll1418
104  W EllisChurch v Ramsbottom1908ll2930
104*DV NorburyChurch v Colne1926ll5862
104*AH CarriganChurch v Bacup1952ll10452
104  RA LegallChurch v Colne1960ll11867
104  D SpencerNelson v Church1997ll18712
103  G LeachRawtenstall v Church1913ll3867
103*A RhodesHaslingden v Church1925ll5676
103  DV NorburyChurch v Nelson1926ll5823
103  S Abid AliRawtenstall v Church1977ll15017
103*D StanleyEnfield v Church1982ll15815
103  DJ PearsonEast Lancashire v Church1989ll17151
103*PV SimmonsHaslingden v Church1992ll17788
103*KLT ArthurtonRawtenstall v Church1998ll18726
102*RH AspdenChurch v Bacup1899ll1275
102*H CudworthBurnley v Church1906ll2617
102  LS BrownChurch v Lowerhouse1935ll7506
102  H HallidayChurch v Burnley1955ll10947
102*SM NurseRamsbottom v Church1961ll12096
102*JD SimpsonHaslingden v Church1997ll18586
102  GJ MailChurch v Lowerhouse2003ll19629
102*LM StevensRishton v Church2006ll20329
102*A MirzaChurch v Colne2010ll20986
101*L WarburtonHaslingden v Church1933ll7077
101*K BrothwoodChurch v Accrington1957ll11324
101  S ClemsonEast Lancashire v Church1989ll17151
101  GL SmithChurch v East Lancashire1989ll17151
101  NC JohnsonChurch v Colne1995ll18266
101  KF SempleRishton v Church2002ll19601
100*PR UmrigarChurch v Accrington1953ll10564
100*TM ChappellEast Lancashire v Church1976ll14833
100  R LawBacup v Church1977ll15057
100*Aftab BalochTodmorden v Church1979ll15296
100*AJ SeymoreAccrington v Church2003ll19770
100  GC BatticciottoHaslingden v Church2005ll20156
100  CM FergussonChurch v Nelson2010ll20924
100*A MirzaChurch v Rishton2010ll21008
100*LBP WolfendenChurch v Colne2011ll21094





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