Second Eleven Championship 1959 Table

1Gloucestershire Second XI127030200000847.000
2Middlesex Second XI145030410010685.231
3Lancashire Second XI146060200000725.143
4Warwickshire Second XI187040610000925.111
5Sussex Second XI125040300000605.000
6Northamptonshire Second XI22903010000001084.909
7Yorkshire Second XI104010500000484.800
8Glamorgan Second XI103050011000444.400
9Surrey Second XI145040500000604.286
10Somerset Second XI124050201000484.000
Worcestershire Second XI186050700000724.000
12Hampshire Second XI102040200110303.333
13Kent Second XI184080600000482.667
14Derbyshire Second XI122030700000242.000
Leicestershire Second XI162080510000322.000
16Essex Second XI101020601000121.200
Nottinghamshire Second XI101050301000121.200
Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won (W): 12
Won in match reduced to single innings (W1): 8
Lost (L): 0
Lost in match reduced to single innings (L1): 0
Drawn (D): 0
Won on 1st innings in drawn match played under 1-day rules (DW1): 8
Lost on 1st innings in drawn match played under 1-day rules (DL1): 0
Drawn but team batting last with scores level (DE): 6
Not counted in computing final positions (NC): 0
Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 0
Total points (Pts)
Average points per match (AvPts)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Average points per match





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